Gold Coast Summer 2015

February 28 – March 2

We travelled to the Gold Coast for a mini holiday – it was our first family holiday, unfortunately without Benny the wonder dog. James needed to gather a few points to make the next stage of Virgin’s reward program and when he suggested a trip away there was no way I was going to say no!

We ended up booking the accommodation through Wotif and their mystery hotel deal as we’d figured out that it was the Marriott. We chose a Junior spa suite and it was simply lovely. It was situated on the corner, the balcony overlooked the pool complex below, and had beautiful ocean views as well. The spa bath overlooked the Gold Coast Highway and I spent quite awhile watching the car headlights and the lights at night, with a glass in hand of course.

We also had access to the Elandra Club Retreat which served breakfast, evening  beverages and canapes and general coffee, cakes and biscuits during the day. We were greeted at reception with complimentary chocolate pearls, and a glass of bubbly (well, water for me). We also had chocolate truffles and a bottle of bubbles delivered to the room. The service was fantastic!

The pools and gardens were simply a sight to see! There was something for everybody –  the saltwater lagoon pool with beach entrance that deepened into the reef system where you could swim/snorkel with the fish, through to the chlorine pool that snaked it’s way around the bar. The currents were strong enough to knock me off my feet and would make a fantastic lazy river. There were several spas dotted around the complex, and sun loungers were plentiful. The husband was happy to disappear for ages swimming with the fish, and he was even more excited when he found out that the bar delivered cold beverages around the pool.Next time I go I hopefully won’t be breastfeeding and will be able to partake in a poolside cocktail too!

We didn’t venture out too often. We caught the tram to Cavill Avenue for dinner on Saturday night, and drove to Marina Mirage on the Sunday. We marveled at the boats moored at the marina and came to the conclusion that we wouldn’t be able to afford most of them, or even the dinghy’s on the back of the boats. James went on the Vomatron for old times’ sake. He did try to convince me to leave Jack with the operator so that we could both go on it. I thought otherwise…

We stayed in at the hotel for dinner on Sunday night. We went to Benihana Japanese Steak Restaurant – my first teppanyaki experience, and Jack’s of course. We ate bugs, scallops, prawns, chicken fried rice, wagyu steak and fish. James even surprised me by attempting to eat the salad, onion soup and barbecued zucchini, mushroom and onions!

All in all, it was a lovely break – the weather was hot and humid, but it was a pity that it wasn’t slightly longer! We kept seeing all these references to Benny – Lobby (one of his favourite toys), Labrador, and even car rego plates stating “Dog”. Maybe our next family holiday will have to include the fur baby too 🙂

Week in the life of…

Week9February 23 – 2 March

The family seemed to come together this week – Ben started wanting to settle, as close as possible, to Jack. Almost to the point that he tried pushing Jack off his own mat! I’d turn around at dinner to see Ben curl up at Jack’s feet in his bouncer. I think it’s cute, but I’m sure someone out there has a reason for it- something along the lines of Ben trying to compete with Jack, and to remain the dominant blah blah blah…

One morning I crept into Jack’s room to check how he was, only to discover that he’d managed to turn himself around in the middle of the night. I had thought that hubby had beaten me to his room, and had turned him around as a prank. It’s hard to believe that in his sleep (well, hopefully he was asleep) and swaddled with arms and legs basically bound, that he could move so much!

We also had some huge firsts! Our first mini holiday to the Gold Coast just for the weekend. It was our first family holiday with Jack, Jack’s first plane trip and Jack’s first time swimming. Wish it was longer, but still very thankful for being so fortunate to be able to book these trips.

Week in the life of…


February 16-22

My little boy had a mini-milestone celebration this week. Being 3 months, he is now classified as an infant and no longer a newborn. With every milestone, new nappy size and new clothes size it brings sadness that he is growing up way too fast, but yet, happiness because I’m able to watch this little boy grow and change. Jack is quite happy having a chat with you, gurgling away in all the right spots. I can spend ages talking back and forth. And when that smile gets thrown in, oh my, am I head over heels for this little munchkin.

Struggling to think about what we’ve done this week, and my usual photos are drawing a blank. We’ve been grocery shopping with Jack’s little friend, and it was extremely cute, both fell asleep together. Think there are certain days where I’d rather be pushed up and down the shopping aisles then having to choose what’s for dinner each night.

I had 2 rides on the train this week – one to see Uncle Jeff while my cars air conditioning was getting fixed, and the other when I headed into the city to drop a present off to Sally, buy some bathers for my upcoming mini holiday and to take Jack (finally) in to see James’s work colleagues. We had a busy Tuesday covering off safety in our mothers group and baby massage class in the afternoon. Jack especially loved having his head massaged. You could see him relaxing into it, and almost watch his eyes roll back into his head.

The last few days have been fairly hot in Melbourne, we’re waiting on the storm tomorrow afternoon before the cool change really arrives. Jack’s been in a bit of storm as well. He’s suffering from his first cold, so he sounds snuffly with a fair bit of snot. I’d bought a nosefrida snotsucker before I gave birth and I’m so glad I did. There’s something in telling non-parents about your super abilities of sucking your child;s snot up and it really is quite satisfying. I think I may need to get out and about more!!!

Week in the life of…


9th to 15th February

Jack had his first laugh this week – while I was talking to my mother in law at the doctors surgery, another patient took Jack’s fancy. He came out with the cutest little chuckle ever – then scared himself and started to cry. I rang Dad on the way to get coffee and had to let him know over the phone, that he’s missed one of Jack’s many firsts. It made me realise how hard it must be to be a working mum, when all these little milestones occur, and to not be part of it. I’m not looking forward to the day that I have to leave Jack at day care and miss his first words, or his first steps. I spend my time now, closely looking at Jack, absorbing all the little details. Hugging him while he can still fit on my chest because I know one day, that we will both struggle to fit in the armchair together.

We also mastered our first roll (from tummy to back) and didn’t scream hysterically. Jack had been able to roll over at 2 weeks of age, but hasn’t done it since. We had toy time at mothers group this week. Jack had a few minutes playing with toys, but I spent more time playing with all the kiddy toys. Jack unfortunately passed out from exhaustion after perfecting his tummy time play.

We also attempted a trip on the train and into the city! Jack loved the sway and noise of the train and he promptly fell asleep. It made me question whether he was familiar with the noises from the daily trips that I had done getting to and from work, when he was inside all those months ago. I enjoyed a quick shop at H & M and the Emporium. I’ll be heading back to the city sometime soon.

The hubby decided that we should do a quick day trip on the evening of Valentines Day. We travelled down to Pt Lonsdale and visited Jack’s great grandmother, meeting Jack’s grandparents down there as well. Of course, we couldn’t leave Benny at home, and he loved the car trip (plus a few extra sausages from the BBQ).

Week in the life of…


2-8th February 2015

We’ve had bubbles, and stories, lots of sleep, friends to play with and picnic dates as a family. And so much more that I couldn’t even include. Amazing how much you can fit into one week!

We celebrated our good friends 30th birthday, our first night with 12 hours of sleep, some hot Melbourne weather, our first snooze in the bouncer and reading Spot to both Jack and Ben.

As time consuming as this process is, I’m hoping to re-do some past photos to make up the missing weeks, and will hopefully continue for all the future weeks.

Appreciate the little things…

So 2015 hasn’t started off all that well. We’ve had a few health scares in the family, and now, the passing of my stepfather. When these things happen, it makes you sit back and take in the minute details. I feel sorrow for my little boy, knowing that granddad is now with grandma, and that one day I’ll have to explain why mummy doesn’t have a mum and a dad anymore.My big sister feelings automatically kick in too. I feel the need to take over, but it’s so much harder with Jack around now. The balance of wanting to do everything, and yet needing to put little Jack’s needs first. as well…

Dave was responsible for introducing me to the world of fishing. Even though I haven’t personally picked up a fishing rod in many years, I know that it’ll be like riding a bike. I know that I will need to give in to the husband now and take him fishing, like he’s been bugging me to do for ages. And in one way, I’m looking forward to the day that I can take Jack – although I will have to work on my patience!

Dave was my stepfather but he meant the world to me. He took me under his wing and he always treated me like his own daughter. I will never forget the memories that we shared, the stories that I’ll be able to tell Jack and the life skills that he taught me. I am thankful that Dave’s battle was short, that he is now at peace and he is now able to be back with mum.

RIP Dave, gone too soon, forever loved and remembered

Week in the life of…


25th – 31st January

What are friends for? They take you shopping, bring you comfort food, keep your mind occupied, make you laugh, and help you remember that life does go on. It doesn’t matter how many times they walk beside  you, covering the same amount of footsteps that you do, they keep you sane. Thank you to a special friend who accompanied me everywhere looking for a sign that was of course, no where to be found. And yes, I know you’ll kill me for including you in the photos above. This week was a hard one- Dave passed away on the 24th, and my friends rallied around me. I enjoyed my little mans hugs all the more this week.

Thanks to Ben for reminding me that I am yet to be able to fully trust him – he just happened to help himself to Jack’s clothes that silly mum, had left on the deck all day with him. There were, surprisingly, no holes in the clothes though, so he was obviously keeping them safe.


Week in the life of…


18th – 24th January

Feeds in the park, lots of walks, and the return to boxing were some highlights this week. Felt super unfit, but glad to be back. Definitely easing the body back into slowly though. The few days after this session, boy did I feel it! Simple things like picking Jack up and laughing were hard!

My big boy also had his 2 month checkup at the Maternal Health Centre – He’s increased his weight from 2.9 kg at birth to 5.54kg at 2 months. Also had my first mothers group this week. Bubba’s ranged in age from 4 weeks all the way through to 8 months.

Week in the life of…

week312 -17th January

Happy birthday Nan! Ben sends his love and kisses btw – and he’ll still want to eat you when you come through the door! Some things will never change. This week was obviously the week for passing out – on poppy, in the pram, on nan’s shoulder. Ben had a few play dates with his girlfriends, Bella and Lucy. Whenever he has play dates he gets so exhausted that he takes himself off to bed, and will fall asleep and snore. While it doesn’t bother me, dad can’t sleep, so poor Benny gets locked out in the hallway.