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3rd – 8th March

With summer now over, and the months slowly creeping towards autumn and winter, I’ve realised that I have not taken full advantage of being home with these long days filled, generally, with sun. So my aim has been to get out with Benny and the pram, and walk, walk, walk. I could walk forever with just the pram – but feel like I should make the effort with Benny so he can get used to walking with the pram. He’s pretty good, except for the times he needs to swap from one side of the path to the other- obviously all the bushes, trees and fence posts need to be investigated! So we ventured out for a little walk last Tuesday, just around home. With Nan not working on Wednesdays, we headed to the beach, managed to fit in breakfast too, and squeezed in a 5.8km walk. I headed out on Friday too, with another walk around the estate.

I love walking around home.My parents used to walk around home in the late summer evenings. They’d generally take in what was grown where to see what was flourishing. Being in a new estate, I used to love watching the houses being built. Now that the estate is 95% finished, I’ve also swapped to looking at what is being grown. Old habits die hard!

With Jack being 15 weeks this week and noticing some of his clothes becoming a little tight, I thought I’d best start washing his 00 clothes! Nan, Jack & I headed into Harbourtown on Friday. We picked up quite a few bargains (for Jack of course).Officially no more 00 clothes shopping! Ollies Place have gorgeous boy fashion and you can’t go past the Bonds store with clearance items at 40% off as well!

I’ve noticed Jack grasping toys and rings and being able to pass those from one hand to the other.He was also giggling at dad more and he likes playing aeroplane on mum’s legs. Unfortunately this week also brought a leap week -signified by more frequent feedings and the incessant crying unless he’s picked up. Definitely looking forward to this passing!

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