Week in the life of…


Week 9 (March 3 – 9)

The first week of Autumn, and I noticed that the trees in the street were already turning. We visited a plane playground not far from home, and we celebrated Lexi being 2 months old. We tempted fate, by booking a holiday months before Lexi was due, and had decided that at 8 weeks old, was a great time to fly! For the record, Lexi did an amazing job. We flew from Melbourne up to Brisbane, and then drove from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. We had booked a special deal at SeaWorld for 5 nights, which also included theme park entry. The deal was so great, that we ended up travelling with Nanny, as well as a few friends. I think Jack had a great time! We stopped on the way and James took Jack in a tandem go kart around an indoor track. He looked so freaking adorable with his gigantic helmet on. Although I’m not sure he loved going too fast. We met up with James at Movie World on Saturday, after they finished their backstage tour, and Jack got to meet his favourite superhero, Batman. His even booed the Joker, much to the Joker’s disgust! 

Week 10 (March 10 – 16)

I was lucky enough to wander in and out of Seaworld, and this time I saw the Polar Bears on multiple days! I could honestly watch them for hours. They remind me of Ben – maybe Ben was a polar bear in a previous life??? I had also figured out where all the cold areas were in Seaworld – the heat and humidity was horrible. I was so conscious of the heat on poor Lexi, especially while being in the pram. It was a hard balance between keeping her cool, and out of the sun and not being stuck in the room for days. We would head back to the room so that I could feed her in some comfort. Jack went to Top Golf with James, Evan, Sarah and Glen, and then he showed us how to do it, when we dropped in on the way back to the airport. I love the mini set of golf clubs that the kids get, and despite not being a golfer, I even had fun and managed to score a few points!  

Week 11 (March 17 – 23)

Jack was invited to a friends 4th birthday party at the Altona Miniature Railway (check out that cake!) and afterwards I headed out to celebrate a friends baby shower! I was slightly apprehensive about the drive with Lexi, to the other side of town, all by myself. You could say that she’s not the best at being a passenger. She seems to like filling her nappy and then screaming as soon as she has done it! Lexi is getting to be more expressive, with more awake times. Jack took his collingwood teddy and collingwood jumper to kinder today – it was harmony day, and the kids had the chance to dress up in cultural dress. Footy is a form of culture, right??? I also had the chance to take Jack to fitkicks for a makeup session – before Lexi was here, I would go each Saturday morning. This year though, Lexi seems to either need to feed or sleep at the same time that the class is on. It was lovely to spend some time with him, doing the things that we used to do! 

Week 12 (March 24 – 30)

We enjoyed a family lunch at South Wharf, didn’t enjoy leaving the car park after someone stalled their car and rolled into the front of mine. But at the end of the day, it was a little bump and it will be fixable. Jack then showed me around the St Kilda Adventure Playground. He had been here previously with James, on a boys day out. Lexi and I caught up with my mummy friends for a trip to the Werribee Zoo. The unfortunate thing about kinder being on a Tuesday this year, is that he misses his catch up with his little friends. It’s just a reminder of what is to come when school starts next year.