Jubilee Estate, Wyndham Vale


We visited the newly opened playground, within the Jubilee Estate midweek. It was eerily quiet. The playground is viewable from the  display homes precinct, immediately as you turn off Welcome Parade. It has a distinctive look, which makes you want to run and explore the area. When landscaping works are completed, it will look like a lovely area. 


  • 1 large structure, joined with netting and 1 large metal slide at each end
  •  natural river/rock walk around the perimeter of the playground
  • 4 in-ground trampolines
  • spinning pole
  • 2 swings
  • 1 nest swing
  • 1 water pump for water play
  • 1 sand digger

Jack liked:

He loved walking around the sand beds, climbing over the rocks and the wooden logs. I was excited to see the structure, but it was too big for Jack to play on. Give him another couple of years and we may be able to climb and navigate the large structure with slide. Which also meant that we had a minor meltdown because he wanted to go down the slide, but there was no safe way to get him up there to have a go. I wouldn’t come here again until he was 4+.

He was attracted to the water pump/water play. In the middle of winter, with no change of clothes, I was less impressed with it. But kids will be kids, and he kept make a bee line to play with it. He was also able to use the digger by himself! The trampolines were a bonus, and he loved running up and jumping on it, before getting off and repeating the process.