Lollipop Hill Playground, Manor Lakes


When you think about lollipops, you imagine lollies in a whole range of colours – and that’s something that this playground mimics beautifully! It’s instantly appealing, and makes the kids scramble up the edges to run off and explore. The playground surface is rubber compound,  and they have cleverly sectioned the playgrounds so that the areas that require better climbing skills, are not easily accessible to all the playground enthusiasts. This playground is located within Manor Lakes, in the Lollipop Hill estate. I’d never made the trip out, but will have to head back as there was so much to do, and in the middle of the week, we were the only people there! There are also covered BBQ facilities. The estate is still in development, and as such, there are lots of works going on. The parkland behind the playground, is yet to be fully completed.


  • covered BBQ and seating area
  • water tap (not working when I visited)
  • 2 sections of playground
    • Structure closest to BBQ’s
      • 3 slides (2 enclosed)
      • stairs and ladders allow access to the easier climbing sections
      • harder access points provide access to rope climbing and moving bridges
      • see through tunnels
      • lower level have built in TV screen play, a coin like maze and game of skill
    • Structure furthest away
      • climbing balls
      • see saw
      • nest swing
      • rope climbing structure
  • rotating 4 seat, up and down play piece 
  • Precision balls
  • giraffe, mouse and tiger rocker
  • 2 swings (1 with toddler support)
  • climbing rope structure
  • broken flying fox
  • basketball court

Jack liked:

There was a lot here for Jack to run and explore, and especially with his little friend, Liam, along for the ride. Jack was easily able to climb the stairs that led to the tunnel and the slide down. He later found a rope ladder he could climb, to get access to a different slide. The boys tested out all of the rockers in the area, taking turns to ride each animal.  Jack took a long time to warm up to the spinning see-saw thing, but Liam happily jumped on numerous times. Jack tried a few new climbing challenges, but mostly stuck to the familiar parts of the playground. The back section didn’t hold Jack’s attention as there wasn’t much for him to do. It’s a pity that the flying fox was broken – the cables were left hanging over the end poles.