Meeting Alexis

I was just reading over my birth story for Jack, and getting a little teary, thinking that I really need to get my act together and write Alexis’s story down, before I conveniently forget what had happened. I will clarify that my story will most likely be completely different to hubby’s. 

At times during this pregnancy, time would fly, and then completely crawl. How is that possible? After accidentally finding out that we were going to welcome a little girl into our family, I asked at every scan if that was indeed true! I was convinced that the blood test had got it wrong, and every scan until 34 weeks. This pregnancy, was different to when I carried Jack. Although not physically ill, I was a lot more queasy and the mere mention of food made my stomach flip during that first trimester. 

We had to have a few more scans with Alexis – the placenta was a little too close and had to be made sure it moved up before delivery (placenta previa). Then at 32 weeks they discovered that she was measuring quite large (98th percentile). Further growth scans at 34 weeks and 36 weeks indicated that she was still growing quite large (97th and 95th percentile).  Thus our obstetrician raised the idea of having an induction. We booked in Sunday night 6th Jan, however, we were then told that that night was fully booked. So we booked in the previous night, Saturday 5th January to start the induction process. Hubby had an extremely busy week ahead, as he had work at the Kooyong Classic. 

Saturday arrived, and we fare-welled Jack, knowing that I may not see him for a few days. In the lead up to all of this, Jack was diagnosed with a case of chickenpox, despite being immunised. Thankfully it was extremely mild, and only affected one arm. However, we were told to minimise the contact between Jack and the baby, until all the scabs had healed. Hubby and I rocked up to the hospital in the late afternoon, and we were eventually taken through to a delivery suite. I was checked for dilation, and administered a dosage of gel at 630pm. In the meantime, we kept ourselves busy and attempted to rest up overnight. James had enough of the fold out lounge, and left to go home after 1am. The nurse came in to check the dilation again, at 230am. She attempted to break my water, and then decided to administer another dosage of gel. 

James arrived back at the hospital, around 8ish, and bought a coffee for me. The nurse came in around 930am and broke my waters. She left me for an hour to see if labour would start by itself. Around 10:30 she came back in to start prepping for the drip to start contractions. I was experiencing small contractions, but could not see anything on the monitor. She left the room, to grab all the bits and pieces, and within that time, I had started pacing, and feeling like I needed to use the bathroom. 

The time between that, and baby’s arrival, is now a blur, but with lots of noise and possibly swear words. James told me I was making up swear words, I choose not to believe him. He was doing a great job, making sure my water bottle was full of water, and icy cold water at that. I clung to the bathroom door, as it had a nice cold frame, When they asked me to hop on the bed to check how far dilated I was, that was when they suggested that I start to use the gas. I’m still not sure if the gas actually helped, but it was nice to be able to bite down on the plastic to ride through the contractions. 

Bubs arrived around 12:47pm, with the help of forceps. She was looking the wrong way and needed assistance to turn to get down the last little bit. This ‘help’ left me a little bit sore and sorry for a few weeks after. The doctor wanted to get her out as fast as possible as her heart rate was dipping, which I think they said was caused by the cord being wrapped around her stomach.  Unfortunately for me, I lost a bit of blood along the way, which meant that when I went to sit up, my whole world was spinning and I felt like I was going to pass out. Eventually, with a blood transfusion, I felt a lot better and was able to get out of bed on Tuesday. We headed home on Tuesday night, This was the first time that both Jack and my mother in law, got to meet little Alexis.

We were still deciding on names, after Alexis had arrived. I think we had narrowed the names down to 3 the night before. I had always wanted to use Margaret as her middle name since finding out bubs was a little girl. Margaret was my mum’s name, and also my mother in laws middle name. 

Alexis Margaret Morgan
6 Jan 2019
56cm long
34cm head circumference


2015 Milestones

Second Christmas


4th & 5th tooth – 20th & 23rd December

First Birthday & First birthday party – 20th November 



First overseas trip – 25th October – 9th November


First day at childcare – 15th September


Clapping hands – 1st September

First trip to the beach – 26th August


First Tooth – 22nd August (9 months 2 days) LH Bottom , followed by RH Bottom


Sitting position unaided – 17th August (8 months 28 days)

Crawling forward – 15th August (8 months 26 days)

Little unorthodox in style, but he can now move forward! Let the chasing begin! #proudmummy #gojack

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Waving/High 5 – 14th August

Bye Jack! Omg, heart melted…

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First swimming lesson – 17th July


Rolling over – 16th July

First syllable – 9th June

Omg! Where’s my little boy going! ‘da da’

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First AFL game – 8th June


Eating toes – 29th May


Sitting – 10th May (5 months 20 days)


First solids – 19th April (4 months 30 days)

20150416_093134 (1)

First Easter – April 5th


First Zoo trip – March 15th

20150315_142953 (1)


First family holiday/ plane trip – Gold Coast – Feb 28 – March 2



Ben’s 2nd Birthday

As I write this post, my faithful fur baby is asleep on the end of the bed. In theory I’d say that he’d guard me from all the monsters out there, but, as I know Benny, I know that his guarding would involve sneaking his head around the bedroom door to check what’s there and then safely barking from behind the open door. Apparently you can never be careful enough. Despite all the fur that floats around, I can honestly say I love having Ben as part of our lives.

He came to be after I pestered my husband for 6 months that I wanted a puppy. He finally gave in, on several provisos; a)  I had about a week or so to get him and b) I could only get one if it was less than 20km from home. I had been looking on the labrador breeding sites for so long, and knew which litters were available around the time. Having owned a female dog before, I was happy for a girl, but, there weren’t any female pups available. The only other thing that I knew he had to be was yellow. With my beige tiles and carpet, I knew I couldn’t handle having a choc or black labrador in my home! And so, the searching started. I didn’t manage to meet the time deadline, but, I did (sort of) manage the distance deadline. We picked Benny up from the airport, after he had flown down from northern NSW. All I remember is getting this massive dog crate up on the bench, and this lady opened up the door to find our little yellow boy, with simply GIGANTIC feet! I had wondered what we’d gotten ourselves into. He was 10 weeks old, and completely wary of his new surroundings. He was the best first wedding anniversary present that you could possibly get.

He has some of the funniest behaviours – we’re not quite sure why the rangehood is so scary, or why odd behaviour sets him off to do his mad run. We know that he loves going for rides in the car, especially when his head is out the window, and his ears are flapping in the breeze. We know that he has a preference for a bowl of ‘big boy food’ over a piggy ear, or even a meaty fresh bone. We know he loves destroying his soft toys, especially poor puppy – one set of eyes, ears, tails and limbs at a time. He is also happy to greet you at the door with teddy or lobby in his mouth, and will go and pick up each toy by name. Unfortunately, he still thinks that once you are inside the house, that you need to be led down the hallway, generally by him grabbing your own jumper or whatever piece of clothing dangles close to his eye level. When he’s heading out for a run, or coming home after a big walk, he loves nothing more, than putting the lead in his mouth and staying right beside you. Even if you take him off his lead, he will still walk beside you with his lead in his mouth. And we can’t forget Ben’s ‘wake-up Dad’ morning routine! All these things and more make up our special boy. Since the arrival of Jack, he’s changed even more. Yes, he still does his silly boy mad sprints up and down the hallway, ears back, legs unable to get enough traction on the tiles, but he also shows us a more docile side. Ben’s happy to curl up, generally at Jack’s feet, and receive several kicks and never bat an eyelid. I’m so proud of how he is adapting to life with a little one around. I can just see the day where we will be replaced – no longer will Ben want to curl up on our bed, entangled in our feet, but he will choose Jack’s room, watching over the little boy that he will grow old with…