Aviation Drive Playground, Armstrong Creek


This was the 3rd playground that we visited within Armstrong Creek, all in the one day! I think Jack may have been well and truly over playing by the time we finished up here. This was a functional little play area, and Jack enjoyed pretending to be a plane running along the landing strip. This little playground is aptly found on Aviation Drive. 



  • Swings
  • spring surfboard
  • spring rocker
  • climbing rope structure
  • structure, with slide
  • runway
  • sand play with digger

Jack liked:

He enjoyed pretending to be a plane and he ran up to the climbing structure straight away to have a go. I think he enjoyed playing at an area where no one else was playing, after being at the huge playground down the road where it was so busy! 

Week in the life of…


Week 5 (Feb 3 – 9)- Slowly starting to feel more comfortable heading out with 2 kids.  Jack had his first day at 4 year old kinder. Lexi had her first physio appointment which left me reeling. So many exercises to help her little body adjust to living outside! We celebrated Lexi’s one month milestone and had a family day out and about with lunch and a play at Skinner Reserve.

Week 6 (Feb 10 -16) – Being home this year and with Jack at kinder, I am attempting to try to bake more often, and with Jack. So far we’ve made the traditional banana breads, milo balls, ‘100 cookies’. Always looking for simple, fast and yummy recipes that abide by the food rules for kinder.  More hospital appointments this week – this time to measure Lexi’s kidneys to see if they are improving. 

Week 7 (Feb 17 – 23) – Another week, and another trip to the hospital. This was a followup to the physio appt from the other week, In good news, there was some improvement! We had our first family photo this week, including the furbaby! I’ve been trying to get Jack out and about with his bike, while I walk the pram. We manage a trip to the local cafe, for urgent mummy supplies (aka coffee) and this time we swung past the pirate ship park for a play while Lexi slept. Jack and I also sat in the backyard watching the Roulette’s fly over. 

Week 8 (Feb 24 – Mar 2) – We finally have smiles! Jack was so excited to receive his auskick pack in the mail and we went for a trip to the Werribee Zoo. We managed 2 trips to the hospital this week! A paed appointment and a scan for her hips.  We also headed to Highpoint and stopped in at Funtopia on the way home.