Week in the life of…


14th – 20th September

This was a week that I was dreading – Jack was starting his orientation at childcare. Although it was only an hour the first time, I may have checked my watch at least once every 5 minutes. And I don’t know why I was stressing. Little Mr Happy charmed the pants off the carers and wandered off on his own to investigate the toys, without even a backward glance at mum. All I know is, that when the clock finally ticked closer to that hour being over, and I ever so casually power-walked  strolled to the centre and walked through the door, all I saw was his gigantic smile! Jack’s attending his orientation for 5 days, Tuesday and Thursday, starting for 1 hour and increasing to a full day. He will attend once a week  on Thursdays, until we head on our holidays. Once we return he’ll then settle into 2 days a week. Thank you Jeff for keeping me company and making sure I didn’t go loopy.


On Monday, Jeff and  I headed to Queenscliff for a quick trip to wander the paths we used to travel on our summer family holidays. The weather was simply beautiful, you can check out the photos from my previous post.

Tuesday was childcare day, Wednesday PT and the last babytime session before school holidays started. Thursday was childcare again, except this time I was feeling so bad I headed back home to sleep. Friday I was still feeling NQR, but braved our weekly swimming lesson. Friday night we went to the Altona Bowls club for dinner after we’d dropped past James’s parents place. Saturday night, James, Jack and I were invited to one of my friends birthday dinner at The Oriental Tea House in Little Collins street. I think it was Jack’s first dumpling/ asian experience and he quite enjoyed it! He had balloons tied to his high chair, and he kept trying to grab Dad’s chopsticks. He was quite happy eating his way through some calamari, or baby corn, or whatever tasty morsel was offered to him. Thanks again Alex, for inviting us along.

This was also a week that I couldn’t complete all my fitness sessions as I was feeling less than great – however I did do some walking.  Megan kept me motivated as we walked around Alamanda, to get coffee, to Featherbrook and to the Town Centre – my fitbit thanks you! Oh, and that wasn’t all on one day either!

On Sunday, James, Jack and I, headed to our local park to support the communities new redevelopment plans for the pirate ship park.  James was busy filming to create the piece below. It also gave him a good excuse to play with his drone. Boys and their toys,  that is all I’ll say 🙂
I also took the camera along to grab a few photos to mark Jack’s tenth month. So grown up reaching those double digits.


Week in the life of…


7 – 13th September

This is the last week before Jack starts attending orientation at childcare, so we were trying to pack everything in! Breakfast with Uncle Jeff, catch up with a group of friends to Jack’s first playcentre and a trip to the city (or two). We visited Kids Digz in Hoppers on Tuesday afternoon, and  Jack enjoyed crawling everywhere, playing in the ballpit and riding the car. The last time that the group had caught up, was at the end of March, when our bubbas were only 2-4 months old.  We’d enjoyed a trip to the Werribee Mansion gardens, in a last ditch attempt at enjoying the last of the warmer days.  Oh how I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and the possibility of more picnics in the park.

Megan, Liam, Jack and I also headed to the city on Thursday. We arrived at Flinders Street right at the same time that the taxi drivers were marching along Swanston Street and also the day of one of the tram strikes. We wandered H&M before heading over to the Emporium and sneaking a quick look around and a bite to eat. I had to rush off for a work meeting to discuss my return to work in November.

On Saturday, we headed into Hoppers Crossing for a quick look around a baby market, before heading to Docklands to check out the new market being held there. The day was absolutely beautiful, so Megan and I let the boys roam around on the astroturf to expel some of their energy before heading home.

September 14th

September 14 is a day filled with many memories. This year marks our 3rd wedding anniversary and also, my step-fathers birthday. This is the first since his passing earlier on this year. To mark this day, Jeff decided we should venture down to Queenscliff – a spot not too far from home, but where we spent numerous weekends and holidays camping. The day was unseasonably warm, and windy, which was perfect for the trip down to the coast. We strolled the main street in town, picking up a coffee and muffin and attempted to remember what shop used to be in each. We eventually wandered down to the bakery and ate a pie from the Rolling Pin Bakery (Best Pie 2013/2014).  We battled the wind, and walked down to the boat ramp, before turning around and heading up the hill back to the car. We drove onto Point Lonsdale and also surprised Jack’s great-grandmother with a quick visit before heading the hour and a bit drive home.

To my husband,
I love you, I’m so proud of you, and I look forward to each and every year that I can stand by your side<3
~ to infinity and beyond~


Week in the life of…


August 31st – 6th September

Monday morning was the usual breakfast with Uncle Jeff. Jeff looked after Jack and put him to sleep while I took Ben to the vet for his annual needles.

On Tuesday, after PT, Jack and I finally managed to drive in and have lunch with Dad at his work! It only took me 9 and a bit months 🙁  The weather was playing nice, so when we got home we walked to Alamanda and got a coffee with Megan, before she picked up Liam. We saw the baby swans, thankfully from a distance. I’m an animal lover, but swans, I try and stay as far away as possible. When I was younger, and the family and I were in Ballarat and we all got out of the car to eat lunch at Lake Wendouree. Now anyone that knows me, knows that it would take a lot for me to not eat. That one day, which still haunts me, I couldn’t get out of the car as the swans started pecking me. I had to forgo my KFC, and the family laughed at me.

On Saturday, Megan, Liam, Jack and I headed to Waterstones Cafe in Sanctuary Lakes. The kiddies had fun playing in the kids section after we’d all finished breakfast and coffee. The boys can be both gorgeous together and the next second, dangerous! They both are yet to learn the concept of ‘gentle’. Whenever I say that word, Jack looks at me and you can tell he’s laughing. It’s a term we constantly use when he’s around Ben – normally when his hand is in mid-air, about to whack poor Ben .

Sunday was Fathers Day, and it marked James’s first fathers day. I had attempted to get Jack to hold up the letters to spell out D-A-D, and while I think it works ok, I doubt I’ll attempt it again. It was way harder than it looks. Nearly all the letters ended up in Jack’s mouth. James, Sam, Jack, Benny and I headed to Yarraville Gardens on the Sunday afternoon. While it looked sunny outside, the wind was freezing, but the boys were able to kick the footy around while Jack got to sit and crawl around on the picnic blanket. I had plans to cook James brekky in bed, but plans went astray when I went back to bed with Jack, after letting dad have his sleep in. Before I knew it, I was asleep, with Jack in my arms…

We also went to our usual baby time session on Wednesday and had our swimming lesson on Friday. Jack started clapping this week, and we think he’s either saying ‘nar -nar’ or ‘nan-nan.’ I had thought it was maybe after Nanny, but now I’m thinking it might be after banana.


Week in the life of…


24th – 30th August

I just wanted to start by saying a big thank you to a wonderful friend for looking after Jack this weekend. Thank you for looking after Jack, treating him like he was yours, and sending me a  gazillion updates – made me feel like a very relieved mama! Jack and I love you Bec!!!!

This weekend was the finals of the Australian Ice Hockey League – it marks the end of the season, the start of warmer weather, and the chance that I may see my husband on the weekend! This has been the first season I’ve been relatively removed from attending the games, and helping out behind the camera. While I’ve missed the plane trips to warmer places like Perth and Newcastle, I’ve also missed the time that we would normally spend together. I’m sure that next year will be a lot different and I’ll be back behind the camera. So what has James got planned for his first weekend off? Umm, I think he’s working Friday night and Saturday. No rest for the wicked… I had better plan something for Sunday – James’s first fathers day!

Friday was Daffodil Day and I added Holiday Dougal to my growing Cancer Council bears. On Thursday, Megan and  I headed to the opening of the new Plaza extension. The new stores at Pacific Werribee will be a great addition to  have right around the corner, especially when I can’t be bothered travelling to Highpoint or the city.  I’ve also attempted to wear Jack on my back this week – he seems to enjoy the journey a lot more than being worn on the front. Hopefully I’ll be able to take puppy for a walk more often like this, especially with Spring (weather) right around the corner.