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7 – 13th September

This is the last week before Jack starts attending orientation at childcare, so we were trying to pack everything in! Breakfast with Uncle Jeff, catch up with a group of friends to Jack’s first playcentre and a trip to the city (or two). We visited Kids Digz in Hoppers on Tuesday afternoon, and  Jack enjoyed crawling everywhere, playing in the ballpit and riding the car. The last time that the group had caught up, was at the end of March, when our bubbas were only 2-4 months old.  We’d enjoyed a trip to the Werribee Mansion gardens, in a last ditch attempt at enjoying the last of the warmer days.  Oh how I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and the possibility of more picnics in the park.

Megan, Liam, Jack and I also headed to the city on Thursday. We arrived at Flinders Street right at the same time that the taxi drivers were marching along Swanston Street and also the day of one of the tram strikes. We wandered H&M before heading over to the Emporium and sneaking a quick look around and a bite to eat. I had to rush off for a work meeting to discuss my return to work in November.

On Saturday, we headed into Hoppers Crossing for a quick look around a baby market, before heading to Docklands to check out the new market being held there. The day was absolutely beautiful, so Megan and I let the boys roam around on the astroturf to expel some of their energy before heading home.

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