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15 – 21st June

When sleep eludes you, you do funny things. Sentences make sense only to yourself, you stuff your face with whatever is in arm range and increasing the amount of caffeine, doesn’t help your situation. Since the Christmas/ New Year period, Jack magically ‘slept like a baby’ delivering 10-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. We also managed to skip the 4 month sleep regression that can rear its nasty head and disrupt whatever pattern bubs has. So this week, nearing 7 months, we think those toothy-pegs may have been playing havoc with our little boy. They are yet to make an appearance, however, Jack made an appearance each night, generally every 30 minutes between 1am and 3am.  Oh, and occasionally at 11pm.

Jack and I headed into the city to visit my work on Tuesday. We spent the morning saying hi, and then disappeared to the Emporium for lunch and visited a few stores before heading home. I can honestly say that the change rooms at Emporium are so nice and new. The space allows mums and bubs to relax, toddlers to play and they are so clean. I ventured, quickly, into H & M – never a fun place to take a pram. The best shopping trip in there, is a fast one! We then walked to Flinders Street and caught the train and the bus home. I miss my daily wanderings down Bourke Street during my lunch break. I’m sure that my wallet doesn’t miss it though.

On Wednesday I did my weekly PT session in the morning. In an attempt to shape up before the big 3-0, and with 17 weeks until that date, I need to make a few changes to my daily habits. I think I managed a whole week and a half without eating carrot cake. So, I bought a food and exercise diary from kmart, and on the days where it’s not exactly horrible, I’m aiming to walk Benny. The other reason I want to tone up, and lose a few kg is that we’re planning a trip to the states right after my birthday. Last time we were there (for out honeymoon) I put on between 6-8kg. I love my food, and will make reasonable choices, but I also know that it is a holiday, and I want to enjoy myself! We’re yet to decide which part of the states we will visit, as we’re waiting for the NHL to release the 2015-2016 schedule.

Megan and I went for breakfast down to Werribee and afterwards, we took the boys to the library to  have a play. Uncle Jeffy also dropped in and helped cooked dinner on Friday night while James was attending a corporate box footy game. With Saturday being Jack’s 7 month milestone, and the weather behaving itself, I loaded the pram with a picnic blanket and took Jack to the local park to get some photos. I’m so very lucky to have one beautiful little boy, and one amazing camera that can make photos look absolutely awesome in the hands of a beginner.

Week in the life of…


8th – 14th June

It was over a year ago now, that James and I posted to facebook to tell the world about the little bean that became this absolutely gorgeous boy! Biased, I know!
This week, Jack had a few sporting firsts! We went to the Queens Birthday AFL game between Dad’s team, Collingwood, and Uncle Jeff’s team, Melbourne. Unfortunately for Jeff, Collingwood were the winners, but it was a lovely day. We sat in the sun and braved the cool winter breeze. Even with the 60000 strong crowd, Jack managed to sleep through the fourth quarter. He also managed to sleep through the last period of his first game of Ice Hockey, despite Sam yelling out the window, or the goalhorn going off merely metres away from him.

Jack and I had a lunch date with some of the girls that also had bubba’s around the same time, we attended our weekly baby time session at Point Cook library and caught up with a few of the mums afterwards for the usual coffee.  We also heard Jack’s first attempt, I suppose, of talking. Unfortunately he chose something that sounded as close to ‘dad’ as possible! I remember reading on a facebook forum that a mum had said she was actually wanting her bub to say ‘da da’ as that would be the name that the bub would call out in the middle of the night!

Week in the life of…


1st – 7th June

Jack and I ventured down to Point Cook Beach with Uncle Jeffy on his day off. Having recently moved closer I thought I’d show him what is around.  We drove down and ventured out in the sun, even though the wind was cool. I also took him via the veggie farms, and unfortunately covered my car with red mud from top to bottom! The original plan was to get a coffee down in Wyndham Harbour but the cafe was closed, so we detoured around Werribee South Beach, K Road and onto Wyndham Cache. I’m looking forward to seeing the development continue down in Wyndham Harbour. I’m sure that by the time Jack’s in high school that many of those empty fields we drove along won’t remain like that for very long.




Week in the life of…


25 – 31st May

After months and months of attempts, Jack finally managed to get those magical things called toes, into his mouth. I’ve enjoyed watching the progression of Jack figuring out he had legs, to wiggling and bending the toes, watching the hands creep further and further along his legs, until finally he could reach them. Anyone who has been around babies knows that, everything must go in their mouths for further investigation. He’d figured out that if he rolled onto his side, it was easier to grab them, but still, those toes eluded his masterplan. I had seen him pull his socks to his mouth and any pants that were too long. But finally, this week, he managed to get them! I let him lay on a towel before bed with his nappy off, so that he could roll around and savour the moment.

Jack also attempted his first taste of vegemite on toast. After I put the plate down, and turned around, I discovered that he thought more of eating the plate than the actual toast. Which, to be honest, I can understand! After setting him straight about which parts to eat, he got stuck into it, and gummed the pieces to a soggy mess, which Ben was more than happy to hoover up for me. I’m sure by now, that Ben is cottoning on that Baby equals a higher chance of scraps at the dinner table.  Maybe this is the reason that Ben is feeling more and more comfortable with getting closer to Jack? All I know is that Benny receives a few kicks to the head most mornings as he always lays right at Jack’s feet, and he hardly bats an eyelid.

When the afternoon looks nice, and that the weather might hold, I’ll attempt a stroll with Ben. Most times I take the pram, but if I’m feeling particularly adventurous, I’ll get the baby bjorn carrier out. As Jack has reached the minimum age/height, I can now turn him to face outwards. I think he had fun looking out to where we were going. I don’t know how he kept his lunch down to be honest though. The movement up and down isn’t exactly relaxing, and as my back starts to feel it, either from not having the carrier set up perfectly, or from the constant pulling by a 30kg plus labrador, it’s generally a quick walk. I keep thinking that I should re-visit the training that Ben had to get his walking back on track. He’d probably appreciate the 10 minutes of attention (and the treats that he could possibly get) while Jack’s having a nap.

This weekend was also the first time back at the Ice House, filming the AIHL (Australian Ice Hockey League) for the ‘Game of the week’ Foxtel episode (http://www.theaihl.com/). Previous years I’ve been helping the hubby by being one of the regular camera operator at both the Melbourne games and travelling interstate during the months of April to September. I do miss the travel, the lounge experiences and just generally spending time with hubby. I refuse to admit that I miss the game (well worth going if you haven’t seen a game!) and I definitely refuse to admit that I miss working on the production!  So my Saturday afternoon/evening consisted of working during the periods, and constantly checking my phone during the intermissions, to make sure that Nan hadn’t called me. As soon as the game was over, I headed home. Safe to say that both Jack and I survived an arvo apart – well from about 3:45 PM to 7:30 PM anyway 😉 Thank you to Nan for looking after both Ben and Jack. I’d be lost without you!
10314572_678490998910413_7196397470088676411_nPic from the AIHL grand final 2014. Think I was about 6-7 month pregnant.