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8th – 14th June

It was over a year ago now, that James and I posted to facebook to tell the world about the little bean that became this absolutely gorgeous boy! Biased, I know!
This week, Jack had a few sporting firsts! We went to the Queens Birthday AFL game between Dad’s team, Collingwood, and Uncle Jeff’s team, Melbourne. Unfortunately for Jeff, Collingwood were the winners, but it was a lovely day. We sat in the sun and braved the cool winter breeze. Even with the 60000 strong crowd, Jack managed to sleep through the fourth quarter. He also managed to sleep through the last period of his first game of Ice Hockey, despite Sam yelling out the window, or the goalhorn going off merely metres away from him.

Jack and I had a lunch date with some of the girls that also had bubba’s around the same time, we attended our weekly baby time session at Point Cook library and caught up with a few of the mums afterwards for the usual coffee.  We also heard Jack’s first attempt, I suppose, of talking. Unfortunately he chose something that sounded as close to ‘dad’ as possible! I remember reading on a facebook forum that a mum had said she was actually wanting her bub to say ‘da da’ as that would be the name that the bub would call out in the middle of the night!

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