Week in the life of…


30th November – 6th December

This was the week that Jack was extremely sooky, irritable, drooly and had a few days of temperatures. What I had put this down to was teething, but, when he stopped using his left leg and started holding it off the ground, I ended up taking him to the GP to get him checked. Jack had his first X-ray done on the Saturday. It’s always fun trying to hold a toddlers leg in place, when he’s just been woken up, and nothing you can do will fit how he’s feeling. Nearly a week and a bit later and Jack is yet to put his left foot down. He’s been putting his toes on the ground now, so hopefully it means that there is some improvement!

This was also a weekend of first birthdays! Little Miss Tilley and Miss Zoe celebrated their first birthdays in style! James was up in Brisbane checking out ice rinks, and relaxing on the Gold Coast before heading home. Oh, and it is the week to put up the Christmas tree! Ours is balanced precariously on a lamp table in an attempt to get it off the ground and away from Jack (and to a lesser extent, Ben). Although I’ve been hesitant to add the presents for fear of finding them thrown all over the lounge room.