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14th – 20th September

This was a week that I was dreading – Jack was starting his orientation at childcare. Although it was only an hour the first time, I may have checked my watch at least once every 5 minutes. And I don’t know why I was stressing. Little Mr Happy charmed the pants off the carers and wandered off on his own to investigate the toys, without even a backward glance at mum. All I know is, that when the clock finally ticked closer to that hour being over, and I ever so casually power-walked  strolled to the centre and walked through the door, all I saw was his gigantic smile! Jack’s attending his orientation for 5 days, Tuesday and Thursday, starting for 1 hour and increasing to a full day. He will attend once a week  on Thursdays, until we head on our holidays. Once we return he’ll then settle into 2 days a week. Thank you Jeff for keeping me company and making sure I didn’t go loopy.


On Monday, Jeff and  I headed to Queenscliff for a quick trip to wander the paths we used to travel on our summer family holidays. The weather was simply beautiful, you can check out the photos from my previous post.

Tuesday was childcare day, Wednesday PT and the last babytime session before school holidays started. Thursday was childcare again, except this time I was feeling so bad I headed back home to sleep. Friday I was still feeling NQR, but braved our weekly swimming lesson. Friday night we went to the Altona Bowls club for dinner after we’d dropped past James’s parents place. Saturday night, James, Jack and I were invited to one of my friends birthday dinner at The Oriental Tea House in Little Collins street. I think it was Jack’s first dumpling/ asian experience and he quite enjoyed it! He had balloons tied to his high chair, and he kept trying to grab Dad’s chopsticks. He was quite happy eating his way through some calamari, or baby corn, or whatever tasty morsel was offered to him. Thanks again Alex, for inviting us along.

This was also a week that I couldn’t complete all my fitness sessions as I was feeling less than great – however I did do some walking.  Megan kept me motivated as we walked around Alamanda, to get coffee, to Featherbrook and to the Town Centre – my fitbit thanks you! Oh, and that wasn’t all on one day either!

On Sunday, James, Jack and I, headed to our local park to support the communities new redevelopment plans for the pirate ship park.  James was busy filming to create the piece below. It also gave him a good excuse to play with his drone. Boys and their toys,  that is all I’ll say 🙂
I also took the camera along to grab a few photos to mark Jack’s tenth month. So grown up reaching those double digits.


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