Horace Street, Point Cook


On the corner of Horace Street and Bensonhurst Parade, in Upper Point Cook.  Parking is plentiful around the playground. The area also has a large grassed area with football goals as well. Also within riding distance is a funky pump/bike track (which Jack loved and is begging to go back to).



  • large net climbing structure and attached slide
  • large rope climbing wall
  • mini slides x2
  • swings x2
  • spring see saw
  • bug spring rocker
  • water play
  • bridge
  • sandpit
  • seated area, not fully covered
  • outdoor gym equipment
  • drinking water tap

Jack liked:

The water play! I don’t know why he loves water, and Melbourne’s weather was not ideal for water play, but still I had to drag him away! 



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Upper point cook’s new bike /pump track! Little bit of fun the other day. Jack’s itching to go back. #upperpointcook #parks #playgrounds #biketrack #jackandthebenstalk

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St Leonards Playground


The fenced playground is located near the main shopping strip of St Leonards, and right next to the boat ramp, on the foreshore. The kids have a great view of the bay as they enjoy the swings. The playground offers a range of basic equipment, but does also offer seating to enjoy a bite to eat. 



  • swings x 2
  • 2 climbing structures
    • slide
    • climbing nets
    • balance walks
    • ladders
    • fireman pole
  • 1 spring boat 
  • 1 spinning cup
  • 1 balance post walk
  • 1 double spring perch

Jack liked:

that we grabbed some lunch and ate at the tables within the playground. However he had a nervous time eating as the seagulls are fairly intrusive! Poor little munchkin dissolved into tears whenever the seagulls attempted to steal his chips. We were only here briefly, but enjoyed the day trip, and used the playground as a good excuse to run some energy out before heading back to the car, and home again. 

Week in the life of…


Week 9 (March 3 – 9)

The first week of Autumn, and I noticed that the trees in the street were already turning. We visited a plane playground not far from home, and we celebrated Lexi being 2 months old. We tempted fate, by booking a holiday months before Lexi was due, and had decided that at 8 weeks old, was a great time to fly! For the record, Lexi did an amazing job. We flew from Melbourne up to Brisbane, and then drove from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. We had booked a special deal at SeaWorld for 5 nights, which also included theme park entry. The deal was so great, that we ended up travelling with Nanny, as well as a few friends. I think Jack had a great time! We stopped on the way and James took Jack in a tandem go kart around an indoor track. He looked so freaking adorable with his gigantic helmet on. Although I’m not sure he loved going too fast. We met up with James at Movie World on Saturday, after they finished their backstage tour, and Jack got to meet his favourite superhero, Batman. His even booed the Joker, much to the Joker’s disgust! 

Week 10 (March 10 – 16)

I was lucky enough to wander in and out of Seaworld, and this time I saw the Polar Bears on multiple days! I could honestly watch them for hours. They remind me of Ben – maybe Ben was a polar bear in a previous life??? I had also figured out where all the cold areas were in Seaworld – the heat and humidity was horrible. I was so conscious of the heat on poor Lexi, especially while being in the pram. It was a hard balance between keeping her cool, and out of the sun and not being stuck in the room for days. We would head back to the room so that I could feed her in some comfort. Jack went to Top Golf with James, Evan, Sarah and Glen, and then he showed us how to do it, when we dropped in on the way back to the airport. I love the mini set of golf clubs that the kids get, and despite not being a golfer, I even had fun and managed to score a few points!  

Week 11 (March 17 – 23)

Jack was invited to a friends 4th birthday party at the Altona Miniature Railway (check out that cake!) and afterwards I headed out to celebrate a friends baby shower! I was slightly apprehensive about the drive with Lexi, to the other side of town, all by myself. You could say that she’s not the best at being a passenger. She seems to like filling her nappy and then screaming as soon as she has done it! Lexi is getting to be more expressive, with more awake times. Jack took his collingwood teddy and collingwood jumper to kinder today – it was harmony day, and the kids had the chance to dress up in cultural dress. Footy is a form of culture, right??? I also had the chance to take Jack to fitkicks for a makeup session – before Lexi was here, I would go each Saturday morning. This year though, Lexi seems to either need to feed or sleep at the same time that the class is on. It was lovely to spend some time with him, doing the things that we used to do! 

Week 12 (March 24 – 30)

We enjoyed a family lunch at South Wharf, didn’t enjoy leaving the car park after someone stalled their car and rolled into the front of mine. But at the end of the day, it was a little bump and it will be fixable. Jack then showed me around the St Kilda Adventure Playground. He had been here previously with James, on a boys day out. Lexi and I caught up with my mummy friends for a trip to the Werribee Zoo. The unfortunate thing about kinder being on a Tuesday this year, is that he misses his catch up with his little friends. It’s just a reminder of what is to come when school starts next year. 

Aviation Drive Playground, Armstrong Creek


This was the 3rd playground that we visited within Armstrong Creek, all in the one day! I think Jack may have been well and truly over playing by the time we finished up here. This was a functional little play area, and Jack enjoyed pretending to be a plane running along the landing strip. This little playground is aptly found on Aviation Drive. 



  • Swings
  • spring surfboard
  • spring rocker
  • climbing rope structure
  • structure, with slide
  • runway
  • sand play with digger

Jack liked:

He enjoyed pretending to be a plane and he ran up to the climbing structure straight away to have a go. I think he enjoyed playing at an area where no one else was playing, after being at the huge playground down the road where it was so busy! 

Week in the life of…


Week 5 (Feb 3 – 9)- Slowly starting to feel more comfortable heading out with 2 kids.  Jack had his first day at 4 year old kinder. Lexi had her first physio appointment which left me reeling. So many exercises to help her little body adjust to living outside! We celebrated Lexi’s one month milestone and had a family day out and about with lunch and a play at Skinner Reserve.

Week 6 (Feb 10 -16) – Being home this year and with Jack at kinder, I am attempting to try to bake more often, and with Jack. So far we’ve made the traditional banana breads, milo balls, ‘100 cookies’. Always looking for simple, fast and yummy recipes that abide by the food rules for kinder.  More hospital appointments this week – this time to measure Lexi’s kidneys to see if they are improving. 

Week 7 (Feb 17 – 23) – Another week, and another trip to the hospital. This was a followup to the physio appt from the other week, In good news, there was some improvement! We had our first family photo this week, including the furbaby! I’ve been trying to get Jack out and about with his bike, while I walk the pram. We manage a trip to the local cafe, for urgent mummy supplies (aka coffee) and this time we swung past the pirate ship park for a play while Lexi slept. Jack and I also sat in the backyard watching the Roulette’s fly over. 

Week 8 (Feb 24 – Mar 2) – We finally have smiles! Jack was so excited to receive his auskick pack in the mail and we went for a trip to the Werribee Zoo. We managed 2 trips to the hospital this week! A paed appointment and a scan for her hips.  We also headed to Highpoint and stopped in at Funtopia on the way home. 

Week in the life of…


What can I possibly say about the first weeks of life with a new baby? Life as you know it, has completely changed. Sleep is no longer a certainty, neither is having a shower or being able to just pop down to the shops to get lunch or dinner. Bringing Jack home, both of us had no clue what we were doing. Bringing Alexis home, I felt less confused as I knew that I had done this before. However, I don’t know why I thought it would be any easier. There is a fine balance of returning to ‘normal’ life for Jack, with the uncertain routine with Lexi. Thankfully James was around to help with the transition. Dad did a great job, shopping and cooking dinners (7 weeks on and it seems like a distant memory!). 

Week 1 Jan 6 to 12th – we travelled to Point Lonsdale to visit James’s grandmother. I discovered that I still loved ham (gosh I missed it during pregnancy) and there were lots of cuddles this week with family.

Week 2 Jan 13th to 19th – Nanny’s birthday. We survived dinner out (thank goodness for babywearing) and a trip to Hopheads Altona. Jack loves playing the board games at the Altona one, and he loves being the centre of attention with friends at the Point Cook location. He was convinced that he was celebrating his 4th birthday at Hopheads. He is also besotted with everything to do with his baby sister. He is fascinated watching her bathe, and will always want cuddles with her (while she’s quiet). 

Week 3 Jan 20th to 26th – We had a visit to Emergency this week. Alexis developed a rash that covered her little body. Doctors weren’t too concerned, but with the recent rashes in the house (Jack’s chickenpox) we thought it best to check that all was ok. James managed to convince me to leave the house, and we drove into Docklands. We enjoyed lunch and a quick trip to Costco. Love any excuse to visit Costco. I saw someone post in one of the fb groups that they sell Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. Fingers crossed that by the time I make it in again, they have some! 

Week 4 Jan 27th to Feb 2nd – Little Alexis is getting more and more awake and alert. The boys had a fun day out together, visiting St Kilda’s adventure playground, and Luna Park. Jack was so proud that he went on the Scenic Railway. He declared that when he grows up he wants to work at Luna Park. Even though he looks less than impressed in the photo, he went back on the ride again! Which, if you know Jack, he is extremely hard to convince to do anything, if he doesn’t want to. So he must’ve really liked it? 

Meeting Alexis

I was just reading over my birth story for Jack, and getting a little teary, thinking that I really need to get my act together and write Alexis’s story down, before I conveniently forget what had happened. I will clarify that my story will most likely be completely different to hubby’s. 

At times during this pregnancy, time would fly, and then completely crawl. How is that possible? After accidentally finding out that we were going to welcome a little girl into our family, I asked at every scan if that was indeed true! I was convinced that the blood test had got it wrong, and every scan until 34 weeks. This pregnancy, was different to when I carried Jack. Although not physically ill, I was a lot more queasy and the mere mention of food made my stomach flip during that first trimester. 

We had to have a few more scans with Alexis – the placenta was a little too close and had to be made sure it moved up before delivery (placenta previa). Then at 32 weeks they discovered that she was measuring quite large (98th percentile). Further growth scans at 34 weeks and 36 weeks indicated that she was still growing quite large (97th and 95th percentile).  Thus our obstetrician raised the idea of having an induction. We booked in Sunday night 6th Jan, however, we were then told that that night was fully booked. So we booked in the previous night, Saturday 5th January to start the induction process. Hubby had an extremely busy week ahead, as he had work at the Kooyong Classic. 

Saturday arrived, and we fare-welled Jack, knowing that I may not see him for a few days. In the lead up to all of this, Jack was diagnosed with a case of chickenpox, despite being immunised. Thankfully it was extremely mild, and only affected one arm. However, we were told to minimise the contact between Jack and the baby, until all the scabs had healed. Hubby and I rocked up to the hospital in the late afternoon, and we were eventually taken through to a delivery suite. I was checked for dilation, and administered a dosage of gel at 630pm. In the meantime, we kept ourselves busy and attempted to rest up overnight. James had enough of the fold out lounge, and left to go home after 1am. The nurse came in to check the dilation again, at 230am. She attempted to break my water, and then decided to administer another dosage of gel. 

James arrived back at the hospital, around 8ish, and bought a coffee for me. The nurse came in around 930am and broke my waters. She left me for an hour to see if labour would start by itself. Around 10:30 she came back in to start prepping for the drip to start contractions. I was experiencing small contractions, but could not see anything on the monitor. She left the room, to grab all the bits and pieces, and within that time, I had started pacing, and feeling like I needed to use the bathroom. 

The time between that, and baby’s arrival, is now a blur, but with lots of noise and possibly swear words. James told me I was making up swear words, I choose not to believe him. He was doing a great job, making sure my water bottle was full of water, and icy cold water at that. I clung to the bathroom door, as it had a nice cold frame, When they asked me to hop on the bed to check how far dilated I was, that was when they suggested that I start to use the gas. I’m still not sure if the gas actually helped, but it was nice to be able to bite down on the plastic to ride through the contractions. 

Bubs arrived around 12:47pm, with the help of forceps. She was looking the wrong way and needed assistance to turn to get down the last little bit. This ‘help’ left me a little bit sore and sorry for a few weeks after. The doctor wanted to get her out as fast as possible as her heart rate was dipping, which I think they said was caused by the cord being wrapped around her stomach.  Unfortunately for me, I lost a bit of blood along the way, which meant that when I went to sit up, my whole world was spinning and I felt like I was going to pass out. Eventually, with a blood transfusion, I felt a lot better and was able to get out of bed on Tuesday. We headed home on Tuesday night, This was the first time that both Jack and my mother in law, got to meet little Alexis.

We were still deciding on names, after Alexis had arrived. I think we had narrowed the names down to 3 the night before. I had always wanted to use Margaret as her middle name since finding out bubs was a little girl. Margaret was my mum’s name, and also my mother in laws middle name. 

Alexis Margaret Morgan
6 Jan 2019
56cm long
34cm head circumference