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February 16-22

My little boy had a mini-milestone celebration this week. Being 3 months, he is now classified as an infant and no longer a newborn. With every milestone, new nappy size and new clothes size it brings sadness that he is growing up way too fast, but yet, happiness because I’m able to watch this little boy grow and change. Jack is quite happy having a chat with you, gurgling away in all the right spots. I can spend ages talking back and forth. And when that smile gets thrown in, oh my, am I head over heels for this little munchkin.

Struggling to think about what we’ve done this week, and my usual photos are drawing a blank. We’ve been grocery shopping with Jack’s little friend, and it was extremely cute, both fell asleep together. Think there are certain days where I’d rather be pushed up and down the shopping aisles then having to choose what’s for dinner each night.

I had 2 rides on the train this week – one to see Uncle Jeff while my cars air conditioning was getting fixed, and the other when I headed into the city to drop a present off to Sally, buy some bathers for my upcoming mini holiday and to take Jack (finally) in to see James’s work colleagues. We had a busy Tuesday covering off safety in our mothers group and baby massage class in the afternoon. Jack especially loved having his head massaged. You could see him relaxing into it, and almost watch his eyes roll back into his head.

The last few days have been fairly hot in Melbourne, we’re waiting on the storm tomorrow afternoon before the cool change really arrives. Jack’s been in a bit of storm as well. He’s suffering from his first cold, so he sounds snuffly with a fair bit of snot. I’d bought a nosefrida snotsucker before I gave birth and I’m so glad I did. There’s something in telling non-parents about your super abilities of sucking your child;s snot up and it really is quite satisfying. I think I may need to get out and about more!!!

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