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Week 119th – 15th March

I’m now the proud (co)owner of an almost new car and the most exciting thing about this for me, was that the car comes with heated seats! My first time heading out for a drive, regardless of the fact that it was fairly mild that night, I was able to inform my friend, that my bum was getting hot. I hate to think what she thought that actually meant! All I have to do now is pry the keys away from the husband and/or try and come up with some ingenious plan on how I really, REALLY need the stationwagon instead of the sedan. The idea of a costco trip had come to mind, but the husband has already pointed out that I’m able to move the pram to the back seat of the ford, and then I’ll have the whole boot to load up on goodies! To celebrate the ownership of the new car, and also because the traffic heading home was horrendous, we stopped for dinner in Chapel Street at the Soda Rock Diner.

I managed to also get Benny out and about for a few days this week, and even visited the dust bowl of a dog park, down at Saltwater Coast. I was slightly hesitant to take Ben with Jack and the pram, but it wasn’t too bad. When we arrived at the car park, I noticed several other big doggies already having  a play and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new comer to the doggy party. Ben likes to play rough, and seeing  two chocolate labs and another yellow lab already at play, I knew Ben would fit right in. Stereotyping aside, the two yellows were loving trying to dominate the choc’s, which made me wonder if the choccies were just super laid back and didn’t mind a good ol’ humping. Always fun trying to have an adult conversation while your dog continues to embarrass you!

On Sunday we were invited to celebrate Aunt Abbey’s birthday with a trip to the Melbourne Zoo.I’d love to say that Jack enjoyed it and had a great time, but he was mostly asleep. He did have a few pictures with the giraffes and the penguins.



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