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Week 1216th – 22nd March

4 months already! This week has been about wondering which orientation Jack will be in his cot each morning and all those dribbles! I’m thinking that teething could be right around the corner with the way that he is attempting to stuff his fist in his mouth. We were at Flemington Market on Sunday and picked up a few cute dribble bandanna/bibs and, of course, numerous other gorgeous pieces.

We went and watched Uncle Sam play his cricket final on Saturday and Jack had his first, of what will be many, visits to the Ice House. Knowing April is just around the corner, with the AIHL season starting, makes me reminisce about being behind the camera, especially while pregnant. I don’t think that I’ll be as heavily involved this season compared to the last few, and will definitely miss the weekends travelling to Perth, Newcastle, Canberra and Sydney. But time will tell…

This weekend was also run for the kids, and with a few friends running, I decided to head out during the week and see if I remembered what running was about! It was still horrible, if I’m honest! I took Ben one night after Jack went to bed – most of the time he’s fantastic. As soon as he knows we’re off for a run, he grabs his lead in his mouth and that’s it, he’s on a mission until we get home. No pit stops, no sniffing, nothing. This run however, he didn’t do that. So we had to slow down and sniff a few corner fences, plants and some letterboxes. At least this meant I could catch my breath a few times. I love night running. I get hot way too quick when running during the day. I love the silence, except for the footsteps (and my out of control breathing). Poor Ben scared a guy walking with headphones in the other week. I have him running on the longest setting on his lead and he snuck up behind this guy, and gave him a good sniff on the way through.I suppose the last thing you’d expect out on a walk late at night, is a Labrador to come running beside you, and look up at you as if to say hi.

This week was also a big week for my little brother – he moved into his new place. Onwards and upwards and I hope that he enjoys the many memories that this fresh start will give him. The one really good thing is that he is only 5 or so minutes down the road. When I tell him that, he always says to me that “that will never get old.” It’s the first time that he’s had to move and this is now the first time that he is no longer living in Crawford Street. It felt sad, the last time that I drove away, and around the corner, that I won’t ever have an excuse to head back to that part of my world.

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