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25 – 31st May

After months and months of attempts, Jack finally managed to get those magical things called toes, into his mouth. I’ve enjoyed watching the progression of Jack figuring out he had legs, to wiggling and bending the toes, watching the hands creep further and further along his legs, until finally he could reach them. Anyone who has been around babies knows that, everything must go in their mouths for further investigation. He’d figured out that if he rolled onto his side, it was easier to grab them, but still, those toes eluded his masterplan. I had seen him pull his socks to his mouth and any pants that were too long. But finally, this week, he managed to get them! I let him lay on a towel before bed with his nappy off, so that he could roll around and savour the moment.

Jack also attempted his first taste of vegemite on toast. After I put the plate down, and turned around, I discovered that he thought more of eating the plate than the actual toast. Which, to be honest, I can understand! After setting him straight about which parts to eat, he got stuck into it, and gummed the pieces to a soggy mess, which Ben was more than happy to hoover up for me. I’m sure by now, that Ben is cottoning on that Baby equals a higher chance of scraps at the dinner table.  Maybe this is the reason that Ben is feeling more and more comfortable with getting closer to Jack? All I know is that Benny receives a few kicks to the head most mornings as he always lays right at Jack’s feet, and he hardly bats an eyelid.

When the afternoon looks nice, and that the weather might hold, I’ll attempt a stroll with Ben. Most times I take the pram, but if I’m feeling particularly adventurous, I’ll get the baby bjorn carrier out. As Jack has reached the minimum age/height, I can now turn him to face outwards. I think he had fun looking out to where we were going. I don’t know how he kept his lunch down to be honest though. The movement up and down isn’t exactly relaxing, and as my back starts to feel it, either from not having the carrier set up perfectly, or from the constant pulling by a 30kg plus labrador, it’s generally a quick walk. I keep thinking that I should re-visit the training that Ben had to get his walking back on track. He’d probably appreciate the 10 minutes of attention (and the treats that he could possibly get) while Jack’s having a nap.

This weekend was also the first time back at the Ice House, filming the AIHL (Australian Ice Hockey League) for the ‘Game of the week’ Foxtel episode (http://www.theaihl.com/). Previous years I’ve been helping the hubby by being one of the regular camera operator at both the Melbourne games and travelling interstate during the months of April to September. I do miss the travel, the lounge experiences and just generally spending time with hubby. I refuse to admit that I miss the game (well worth going if you haven’t seen a game!) and I definitely refuse to admit that I miss working on the production!  So my Saturday afternoon/evening consisted of working during the periods, and constantly checking my phone during the intermissions, to make sure that Nan hadn’t called me. As soon as the game was over, I headed home. Safe to say that both Jack and I survived an arvo apart – well from about 3:45 PM to 7:30 PM anyway 😉 Thank you to Nan for looking after both Ben and Jack. I’d be lost without you!
10314572_678490998910413_7196397470088676411_nPic from the AIHL grand final 2014. Think I was about 6-7 month pregnant.


Week in the life of…


18 – 24th May

We celebrated 6 months this week! Half a year, 26 weeks, and according to google, half (1 year) =182.621099 days.
I love seeing more and more of his little personality show through. The times that he can see or hear dad and his legs and arms pump furiously up and down, when he’s not sure who is holding him and he drops the bottom lip and when we ask him what does his puppy dog say, and the smile that creeps onto his face when we tell Jack “Woof, woof, woof!”.

This week I went to my first movies session since having Jack. Megan and I attended a mums and bubs session of Pitch Perfect 2 at Hoyts Highpoint and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it could be! The lights were on more than normal, and they say that the volume is a little less but I didn’t notice a difference.  You really only here the noise of the bubs around you, unless of course one has a major meltdown. The session starts at 10, which for me, was almost perfect – it’s about the same time as Jack’s first nap, and being the good boy that he is, fell asleep on me, for most of the session.  I was amazed at the number of mums there and if you ever wanted to pram-watch and see what is new and on trend, it was definitely the place to be! There would’ve been at least 70 mums there, and prams lined the aisles, the entry and amazingly, they even fit along the seating!
Jack’s getting better at sitting, even though I feel like a mother bird, constantly fluttering around him, making sure he isn’t falling over and face planting. More new foods this week, and with the 6 month milestone, I introduced yoghurt as well.


I enjoy watching the interactions between Ben and Jack. This week they were sharing the mat and Jack rolled over and ‘hugged’ Ben. Ben does really well and I always tell him that he’s a good boy. Sometimes Ben lays at the wrong end of Jack and will get constantly kicked in the head, and he doesn’t bat an eyelid, just continues to sleep. It’s moments like these that I love Benny, and the dog that he is maturing in to. I still wonder if he preferred life before Jack, but I think that with Jack’s eating habits and the likelihood that he will start sharing food with Ben, that their relationship will blossom, and they will become best friends.


Dad was away. travelling to Perth on Friday night and returned late Sunday night. Benny was more than happy to share the bed in an attempt to keep me warm. However, crawling under the covers and laying against me was probably a little too much! James Skype’d on Sunday morning while we were out at Flemington market and watching Jack interact with dad on the phone, was priceless. He’d only just woken up, and was staring blankly at the screen, then you could slowly see him wake up. Once he realised, the blankets started kicking and Jack started gurgling and, of course, attempted to eat the phone.

Week in the life of…


11 – 17th May

New foods this week:  zucchini, mashed potato and apple and mango puree. Jack has been wolfing his meals down and as such I’ve started to add in a second feed during the day as well. The whole new foods and introducing solids still feels so overwhelming. I’m attempting to make little batches of fresh steamed veggies and obviously fresh fruit. I still have a few jars and food pouches in the kitchen cupboards for those days that I’m not that organised.
We celebrated Jack’s friend, Liam’s 1st birthday this week too! It is amazing to watch a gorgeous baby boy, grow and develop. That first time I saw you in hospital, you were a big boy, wrapped up and already trying to escape the confines of your blankets. The love and adoration, so evident on both your parents faces, hasn’t changed this whole year. You are one very loved little boy, spoilt by all that know you – your grandparents, your parents friends and of course, your mum and dad. I am thankful to be recognised by you and I love it when your smile lights up your whole face.
So Liam, Happy 1st birthday! You are one of the happiest boys that I know. Jack is lucky to live so close by, and I’m already picturing the years ahead when the boys will be able to play together and the many park dates that they will be dragging us to.

Week in the life of…


20 – 26th April
Jack has passed his 5th month milestone! I need time to slow down, I can almost here the clock ticking it’s way to November and the inevitable return to work.  Jack and I went grocery shopping with Uncle Jeffy, I’m not sure if the photo above does it justice, but Jeff in the Minnie Mouse mask  was both terrifying and hilarious at the same time. I think it was the pink bow on Minnie and Jeff’s biceps and tattoos.

Jack and I traveled to Creswick on Friday, for the centenary celebrations of ANZAC day. Friday was a beautiful day to head about one and a half hours away from home. I even got hubby’s new car, to make the drive up. The first hour of the drive was fine, I heard Jack complain a little after that, but he must have found his dummy, and he settled back to sleep. I stupidly followed the car’s GPS, even though I’ve been up there numerous times, so I missed my chance to drive through the forest with the sun shining between the trees.

I met Nanna Leanne up in Creswick, and showing off her ‘girl guide’ skills, she quickly set about creating the fire. James and I, before we started working on the ice hockey and before we had our own house, would head to Creswick over winter weekends, to relax in the warmth of the fire. It would feel like a mini holiday and I loved the smell of the fires, and the autumn tones of the leaves as you drive through the main street.

The 3 of us attended the candlelight vigil at the field of crosses on Friday night. Jack was all rugged up in his fleecy mickey mouse suit, and was as ‘snug as a bug’ in his carrier that I wore. It was all going well until the rain fell, and it really set in! Poppy and Uncle Sam arrived later that night to attend the march the following day. I headed back home on Saturday after lunch. Unfortunately we didn’t have the lovely weather that we had on the way! It was pouring the whole way. So thankful for the car, a great ride in all that rain. Once again Jack did well for the first hour in the car. Just as I’d gotten on the bypass he lost it and started screaming. Thankfully Maccas was right around the corner, and while I got a coffee fix, I was able to give hugs to my little guy.

Week in the life of…


13 – 19th April

Jack has started watching Ben and squealing at him this week. He will lay on his play-mat, and Ben will flop down close by, and I sit there watching as Jack stretches his fingers out, reaching for Ben’s fur. If Jack can’t get close enough, he’ll roll onto his side in an attempt to move towards him. I wonder if he likes the fur in his hands, or if he thinks that Ben is like one of the pages in the books that I read to him.The range of ‘That’s not my puppy’ or Polar Bear or Bunny all have different textures that bubs are meant to reach for, and eventually associate what rough, or shiny, or soft feel like.

I’ve also attempted feeding Jack cereal this week. Attempted, meaning, that it was fun to get him used to the spoon, and sitting in the high chair, let alone the foreign taste of baby cereals! I think I read that much around when to start, what to start with, baby led weaning and all the rest, that I started going in circles. I’m looking forward to slowly introducing foods and watching his expressions – hopefully he’ll love his food just like mum does!