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23rd- 29th March

Looking at the photos, this is the week of funny faces. I finally gave Jack a bath in the ‘big boy’ bath, and he is loving it! His little arms and legs pump up and down furiously and if you talk to him in a sing-song voice he gets happier, and more and more water is splashed everywhere.

We’ve got new outfits this week, with his gradual progression out of the 000 clothing and into his vast 00 collection. With the cooler weather this week I’ve even dipped into winter pants and jumpers. I think the ease of dressing a summer baby is now hitting home when Mr Wriggles refuses to cooperate and help with putting on the second and third layer. I hate to think of how many socks I’ll end up losing once Jack realises how to bend and pull those off!

We had our 4 month checkup this week too, and our 4 month immunisations. Jack copped a bump on one of his legs from his needles. I hate looking at their little faces when the needles go in, but thankfully, Jack returned to his happy, bubbly self soon afterwards. Jack topped the scales at 6.74kg and 62.5cm in length. His weight has fallen back to the 25th percentile, and his height and head circumference have been boosted to the 25th percentile. The next appointment won’t occur until July when he’ll be 8 months old and eating solids. I’ll have to add a trip to Ikea soon to pick up a high chair for out future foray into eating!

With this boost in height, I’ve also had him sitting in his jumperoo activity centre. He’s learnt that leaning on the buttons makes all the music change, and he is able to spin the wheel and watch the balls go around.

This week we also borrowed Liam’s 50/50 swaddle – slowly transitioning Jack to sleeping with his arms out. On Tuesday we kept one of his arms out and on Saturday night, I undid the last arm. I now need to look into sleeping bags and figure out how many and what weighting I’ll need for the upcoming winter. Hoping that I may pick up some on sale at the Baby and Toddler Expo coming up in April.

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