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September 28 – October 5

This week was the last time I get to do swimming during the day. We’ve swapped Jack’s lesson to a Tuesday night which means that James gets to take Jack! With it being a public holiday on the Friday, James came to watch a lesson, and he took some great photos of us as well. With the trip to the US getting closer, James took Jack out for a bike ride in his trailer, so that he could get some exercise in. Benny was lucky enough to have a play date with Bella and Lucy. Lucy is always happy to see Ben at first, until she gets tired, and the Ben uses his mass to start harassing the girls back! Bella is less interested in Ben – until Ben attempts to steal her ball!

On Monday I travelled to LaManna Direct and caught up with Jas and her gorgeous little girl Kareena. Jack was very, very spoilt as Jas had bought Jack an early birthday present – a rain coat from Rainkoat to take away for our trip (http://www.rainkoat.com.au/). Thank you Jas for the gorgeous coat that will last Jack for this and many rainy days!

On Wednesday, we drove to Leroys cafe in Newport to have a playdate with some of the bubs that attend the Wednesday babytime session. As the school holidays are on, Babytime doesn’t run, so it was nice for the mummies and kiddies, of course, to have a bit of play.  Thanks to Rochelle for bringing the camera and getting some great photos!

Jack also had his first full day at childcare this week. He’ll be attending each Thursday now, until we head away! Getting so excited about the trip, although I haven’t started writing lists for what we need to pack, what we need to buy. Hmmm, shopping… Just a pity that the aussie dollar isn’t all that great. Anyway, hubby suggested I write a post detailing our itinerary and what our plans are. So that might be on the list for tomorrow, while Jack’s in care. Once I’ve finished cleaning the house, of course!

We headed over to Nanny and Poppy’s on Friday night for dinner, while James headed out to work. We spend the remainder of the weekend filling the trailer up and headed out to the tip on Sunday. Even though we filled and emptied the caged trailer, it feels like it hasn’t made the slightest difference to the house. But at least we now know that the trip to the tip isn’t as complicated as we both thought it was going to be. It’s amazing how much cardboard you find!

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