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5 – 11th October

It’s getting so close to our trip, I’m feeling a little like Santa when writing my packing list – making a list, and checking it twice!

On Saturday night James and I celebrated our joint 30th birthday party – I’d just like to thank everybody who came and celebrated with us, it means a lot to have each and every one of you in our lives!  I’m hopeful that everyone was well fed and surprised that the slushie machine was empty after the night! A big thank you to Doris – who not only worked tirelessly to keep Jack occupied and quiet in an attempt to let me socialise, but also for delivering a tiramisu and a delicious pavlova. Also, thank you to Megan for not only letting my furbaby Benny have a lovely playdate with your Bella and Lucy, but also for making a simply droolworthy white chocolate mudcake. Mmmmm, yummmy!

In other news this week, Jeff and I went for brekky at Alamanda on Monday morning and we saw the house being set-up to feature in Bunnings catalogue Christmas light display. It was quite a team to set the house up on a stinking hot Monday and Tuesday. It was great to see the lights but a pity that they were dismantled and packed up. It definitely makes me want to get in the spirit and dress our house this year. But knowing the amount of effort it takes to do it, and to put them away, maybe we’ll wait until Jack is old enough to appreciate it. On Monday, James took Jack to the Alamanda pool in the evening. James also took Jack to his first swimming lesson at Jump on Tuesday night. Interesting for me to sit on the sidelines and relinquish control over something that I really had enjoyed.

Benny had a few friends over this week! Not only did Dom bring over his Jack Russel while he was packing stuff, I also found a greyhound wandering the streets when I took Benny out for an evening stroll. Thanks to the facebook world, we located his owner and were able to reunite them later that night.

Babytime returned this week! Jack is just loving crawling and running away from me during the sessions – half the time I leave him, and the other half I spend trying to get him back in front of me! He still loves being picked up, bounced around, thrown upside down. I just love seeing that huge smile on his face.

Nanny, Chris, Jack and I headed to Wyndham Cache on Friday morning for coffee and a bit of breakfast. James, Jack and I popped into Hopheads on Friday night to have a drink with Glen for his birthday before they headed out for dinner. I had taken Jack to the park earlier in the day, and Jack loved having a ride in the swing. So when we arrived a little early, I got the chance to go with James to the park near Hopheads. Jack didn’t mind having another go on the swing, and he loved the noises that the pipes made when he banged on them.

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