Kingsford Drive Playground, Point Cook


Along Kingsford Drive, in the Kingsford Estate. This park and playground is nestled between the waterways and surrounded by houses. The bike paths along the water allow you to visit a few other parks in the area as well. The BBQ facilities and sheltered seating area are a welcome addition. There’s adjoining fields for the kids to run around and kick a ball as well.


  • Covered seating, BBQ facilities, water
  • rotating see saw (which I need to come back to – the big kid in me, is desperate for a go!)
  • flying fox
  • 2 swings, one with toddler support. The toddler swing sat a bit low, and Jack’s legs would rub on the ground if he had them pointed straight down.
  • 1 medium slide, built into rubber mound
  • 1 spinning pole
  • climbing appartus, with another slide. The big climbing collection was set off the ground, and he steps were too far apart for Jack to use. It would be suitable for older children with longer leg spans
  • spring rocker was taped off at one point as it is half-removed

Jack liked:

the swings, and the slide. He was more than happy climbing up the rubber incline to get to the slide, going down the slide and repeating the process. The day we stopped by, it was so cold that Jack had tears rolling down his face. So we didn’t stay and get to use the park to it’s full advantage. He was happy walking the gantry to the climbing section, as the floor was checkerplate and made a new noise when Jack jumped up and down. At the end of the checkerplate, the floor disappeared, to entice kids to climb on the next bit of equipment. So he thankfully would turn around, and run off to attempt going down the slide.

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