Edge View, Saltwater Coast, Point Cook


Off Saltwater Promenade, near the much loved Crocodile Park, is one of the original parks in Saltwater Coast. It is surrounded by running tracks, with different exercise stations set sporadically apart.  The area interlaces beautifully with the surrounding wetlands, and we were lucky enough on our visit to see a parent swan sitting on a nest.


2 different areas, aimed at different abilities and age groups.
The younger section:

  • slide
  • rock climbing wall
  • 2 spinning poles
  • 2 spring rockers
  • climbing net

The more advanced section:

  • Joined spring rocker, with 3 seats
  • 3 spinning poles
  • suspension swing
  • rope obstacle climbing course
  • 2 angular climbing structures

The area has multiple sheltered BBQ areas and seating. There is a toilet over Saltwater Promenade, opposite the display homes, and past the crocodile park.

Jack liked:

Walking along the different textured paths – rocks, decking etc. He was happy to have a climb on the equipment  and enjoyed the spring rockers and the slide. He was also happy pointing and waving at the swans. The only thing that worries me with this area, especially with toddlers that are able to run off in the blink of an eye, is the lack of fencing along the boardwalks. I was very hesitant to let Jack wander too close, especially if he tripped on the decking around the waterways.  Daddy swan was a little territorial (as can be expected) with mummy swan sitting within easy viewing from the decking. So if you do head down, be sure to keep a little bit of space between the nesting parents.

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