Richardson Parkway Playground, Point Cook


In an area I’ve never been to before, between Boardwalk Boulevard and Tom Roberts Parade, is this playground, suited for older kids. There’s a soccer field right next to the playground. The day we were there, it had been raining overnight, and the water remained pooled on the flat surfaces of the equipment. Jack thought it was funny to splash in the water, saturating his jumper.


  • soccer field
  • large slide
  • vertical climbing apparatus
  • chain ladder
  • spider web climbing net
  • balance totem pole walk

Jack liked:

Climbing up the ladder, the only piece of equipment Jack could really climb up! He would then use the hand towel to wipe down the slide, before coming down. This park, although soft underfoot with the rubber compound, is not suited to toddlers. It’s a park for those that love a good climb! The tall net-climbing tower had been fenced off at one point, but the tape had fallen away and was lying on the ground.

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