Flower Pot Park, Point Cook


This is the closest park to walk to from home for us, located just off Malibu Boulevard. You will see the extensive undercover BBQ section, and the oval that is right next to the park. It was originally marketed as a community herb garden when we originally moved in, hence why there are fruit trees and other bits and pieces growing in the near vicinity. The park is also close to the little traffic school in case your little ones wanted to go for a ride around there as well.  Very popular for large gatherings and birthday parties.


  • sandpit, with permanent toys
  • 2 slides
  • 1 swing (adult required to help with this one)
  • lots of ‘pots’ and ‘garden hoses’ to wander around, crawl through, climb on
  • ‘House’with ropes to climb, poles to slide down, lower level to climb through the doors
  • musical penguins
  • mostly tanbark

Jack liked:

the musical penguins – you pull the handle back and it slams into the penguins, each generating their own unique sound. Also fun was climbing up on the bench besides the penguins. Jack would venture into the sandpit, but every time he fell over, he had to walk over to me to get his hands dusted off. This park is a little abstract, yet seems to be very popular with the kiddies. Oh, and if the parents get bored, they can bring their chess pieces and play a game on the picnic tables, as the boards are set in the table top.

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