Middle Park Community Playground, Albert Park Lake


We headed to Albert Park Lake to check out this playground, as Dad had to venture into his work. The  signs and barricades were still up form the Grand Prix. The playground is actually located in Middle Park, and there are heaps of parking around too.  It’s accessible from the tram/light rail as well.


  • extensive wooden playground
  • 2 sets of swings, each with a baby harnessed swing, a toddler chain swing, and 2 x big kids swing
  • multiple slides, 1 into a sandpit section
  • multiple viewing platforms
  • different balance platforms (balance beams, vinyl bouncy ramp)
  • tyre sections to climb through
  • BBQ’s, park benches and toilets
  • all protected by shadecloth
  • most of the park, is tanbark, with rubber matting under the swings

Jack liked:

the Thomas face painted on the entrance wall to the playground. The steps were easy enough to climb up, but several sections, we had to carry him to climb back down. The tyres, although fun with me, were interesting to crawl over with Jack also in my lap.  The vinyl bouncy ramp, Jack enjoyed as well. He also loved swinging on the swings with the other kids. Overall a great park to visit that’s extremely popular with kids of all ages. There was definitely enough for the mini kids to do, and the playground lends itself to being an epic area to play tag!

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