Lennon Boulevard, Point Cook


The park is located in the middle of, what I call, a gigantic roundabout, on Lennon Boulevard. There are lots of cycle paths around it, BBQ’s, a half court basketball court, and swings and slides.  I drive past it daily, and had noticed that it appeared to be a great height for Jack. The slide is smaller than normal, with plenty of easy-to-climb things for both the little ones, and the slightly bigger ones. The only downside is the lack of parking and Lennon Boulevard has a lot of passing traffic.



  • mini slide, medium slide
  • bendy bridge
  • climbing ramp with footholds
  • window and door cubby house
  • tunnel
  • monkey bars
  • climbing balance poles
  • swings located in opposite section of park
  • half-court basketball court
  • cycle/walking paths

Jack liked:

the mini slide as he was able to climb straight up it, and felt comfortable enough to go down by himself. He also liked the ramp to climb up that had footholds and molded handholds in it. The moving, bendy bridge was a new one for him. He wasn’t too sure about walking over it unless I was holding his hand. He decided the safest way to get across it, was to slide on his tummy, do a 180 degree turn, and then crawl back up, after he got to the lowest part. Definitely one of the more toddler friendly parks that I have come across (so far).

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