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27th July – 2nd August

Gaahhh I’m so behind in doing this weeks one, well last weeks round up, really.

Getting excited about our trip to the states later in the year – we’ve basically decided to throw out all our old plans of revisiting LA, Vegas and venturing into Texas. Instead we’re heading to Chicago, Pittsburgh, Buffalo & Niagara Falls, Orlando (maybe Miami) and then finishing in LA. Planning a trip and counting down used to be the exciting part, and would hype you up. Now with Jack in tow, I’m more concerned. Concerned about travelling all those hours in a plane with an 11 month old, concerned about navigating our way around with a baby – it makes shuttles, and taxis, and transport in general just that little bit harder. Do we take a pram, do we buy a little travel pram, how do we go with car seats, car hire??? The list is endless. All the things that in our honeymoon trip, we didn’t have to contend with.

This week we visited Saltwater Coast, had breakfast in their cafe, walked the fitness circuit around the park, while Jeff demonstrated some of the exercises and checked out the new park that looks like it will be opening soon! Parks and playground equipment have come a long way since I was a kid. We had boring metal and general slides, swings, and climbing apparatus. The new park had landscaped gardens, splashy water features perfect for summer, and colourful themed play equipment. Will be adding that park to the (mental) list that I have compiled in my drive by’s of all the parks in close vicinity to home.

Jack and I also had breakfast with Nan at Alamanda Cafe this week. He loves sitting up at the table, banging away, looking around and watching all the other kids in the cafe.  Jeff and I also took Benny for a walk around Apex park and in the off lead dog section. While I’m overly cautious of him off lead, he behaved himself and even ran up, over-enthusiastically, to 2 grogeous Great Danes. He ended up covered in slobber, but wasn’t at all scared by their size.

Jack received a swimming certificate this week – in recognition of his ‘fantastic kicking legs’ – one very proud mummy here! He’s also attempting to pull himself up onto his knees to reach all the buttons on his walker. So maybe in the not so distant future, he might be attempting to pull himself up and walk along the furniture. With Dad away in Perth for the second last road trip of the Ice Hockey season, I made Jack pancakes. When James and I would travel from Perth to home, the Virgin Lounge in Perth had a broken pancake machine, and each subsequent trip, we would race in and hope that the machine had been fixed. I think after a full year, we still hadn’t seen the pancake machine. So, once again, Dad missed out on pancakes, but Jack and I got to eat (all of) them!

It would have also been my mums 60th birthday on the 27th of July! Forever 48, always loved and missed – Happy Birthday!


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