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3rd – 9th August

We’ve been spending most evenings researching and finalising our accommodation for our US holidays. We’ve booked Chicago, Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls and Orlando. We’re still looking at Miami and figuring out where we want to stay in LA. As that is something that both James and I sit down to do, I haven’t gotten around to posting this sooner.

This week Jack had fun going down the slide and playing with the fake grass in the new kids play section at Waterstones Cafe. The cafe is quite nice, close to home, coffee is always good and the menu has some great options. At first Jack wasn’t too sure about the slide and held on the side, but after the first time going down, went down with a massive smile on his face, each time.

Jack was allowed to sit at the dining table like a big boy when we went out for dinner to the Plough Hotel in Footscray with Bec. The lovely waitress gave Jack a comfy cushion to support him in the highchair, and he was enthralled with being at the table. He was happy chewing on the table, sharing lots of smiles, and being fed food by Dad. He had chips and ice cream – I had tried so hard to limit his exposure to chips.

Megan, Liam, Jack and I ventured over to Highpoint on Thursday. We wandered around and attempted to not buy anything. On a plus, we did reach our daily steps! Jack and I went to Altona to Nan and Poppy’s house for dinner, before heading over to Laureen’s and seeing great Nan Shirley.

Jack was lucky enough to share a big bath with dad. He loves bath time, and the more water, the better it is for splashing! Most nights now, the blind, the walls and the floor end up saturated from Jack’s overenthusiastic splashing!

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