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13th – 19th June

We had some big firsts this week – first roll over, first swimming lesson and first time at the park.

Jeff and I were at Alamanda for breakfast on Monday and as the sun was shining when we finished, we wandered down the path and took Jack onto his first playground adventure. Jeff held him on the bouncy see-saw and the spring loaded motorbike. We also strolled past the ducks on the way out. We’re very lucky to live so close to amazing parks, gardens and wetlands. I’ve even started doing drive-by’s of all the parks in neighbouring estates to check out what they have. I’m just glad that the inner child in me hasn’t disappeared completely. Hopefully Jack will love spending hours going to and playing in all the parks that are in our area. Knowing that we have passed the shortest day for the year, allows me to dream that winter could be over in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, being in Melbourne, I know too well that we’ve got more wintry, windy and cold days ahead.

Megan and I wandered down to Jump swim school one morning, just to ‘have a look.’ The next thing I knew, I’d signed up Jack to start his swimming sessions the next day! While I was a nervous wreck all morning before his lesson, once the lesson was over, I was much more relaxed. I think the idea of jumping in the pool, post baby, is a little nerve wracking, and it doesn’t matter how many walks or gym sessions you do, you’ll always know that your body just isn’t what it used to be. I’m pleased that Jack made it through his lesson with no tears, and neither did I!

Jack managed to finally roll over this week! I was anxiously awaiting the day, and knew that it wasn’t far off – all last week he was rolling his hips over, but just getting stuck on his shoulders. No longer can I leave him on one part of the floor and expect to come back to him in the same spot. He’s also managed to, from a sitting position, fall gracefully forward and support himself on his arms. Hopefully this will stop all those awkward face plants.

I’ve also started thinking of the toy sales for his birthday and Christmas. Arrgghhh, I’m not ready yet to think about his first birthday. Knowing that it is now less than 4 months away, also means that the inevitable return to work is just around the corner. The only happy point is thinking about planning our trip to the states. No, we still haven’t made any solid plans or booked internal flights or accommodation. One day James may actually spend enough time at home to sit down and nut this out! I’m just dreaming about eating my way around (yet again) although I thankfully won’t be drinking as many mojitos and cocktails as I did on our honeymoon! I think I might need to start thinking about a shopping list and hopefully we have enough room in our luggage.


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