Week in the life of…


6 – 12th July

Jack was still sick this week, we even had a few days of high temperature. Thankfully Panadol seemed to knock it back down to normal range, and even though we had more sleepless nights, we seem to be getting slowly back on track. We had breakfast with Uncle Jeff on Monday morning and we finally said goodbye to Wyky, our Commodore that we’ve had for a few years on Tuesday. I was meant to catch up with Bec on Friday, but postponed until Sunday. The weekend was meant to be horrible, freezing cold, wet and windy. Saturday arrived and having researched Pinterest for rainy photo inspiration, I waited for the rain to come. Of course, the day cleared up, and all I could do was wait for Sunday and the promise of extreme wet weather. Sunday thankfully brought the rain, and I only had 10 minutes to snap a few photos before running out the door to meet Bec at Harbourtown. I was very, very happy with the photo of Jack, hands on the glass, staring outside as the rain dripped down the window. Bec bought Jack a little Changing of the Guard teddy from her trips around Europe. We also went across to the Ice House to see James at work. Jack got to have quick cuddles with Uncle Sam before the game started, and Jack even got to sit in Dad’s seat and pretend to take over for the day. He was a natural, reaching for the take-bar and smashing his way through the buttons.

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