The Strand, Williamstown


Near the corner of Stanley Street and the Strand, Williamstown. There is parking slightly further down from the playground, just be wary crossing the bike/pedestrian path as the bikes do tend to move along at some speed. We visited this park after having a play at the playground on North Road, and there is even another play area between these 2, however I kept going as the play area looked suitable for older kids.


  • Boat themed park, complete with boat spring rocker
  • fireman pole
  • 2 swings, 1 with toddler restraint
  • looped climber, ladder climber
  • curved, fixed bridge
  • small slide
  • steering wheel

Jack liked:

the boat! He thought it was the best thing ever, being able to sit in the boat with his Uncle and steer it! He attempted jumping on the bridge and he happily climbed up onto the equipment to go down the slide. Eventually the birds caught his attention, and he raced off to impersonate and scare them off. It’s very cute the way that he tucks his hands out behind him to replicate the birds wings and tail ((or at least that’s what I assume he’s doing).

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