Gallery Place, Sanctuary Lakes


Hidden within Sanctuary Lakes, but easily accessible off the main Boulevard, is this small playground. It has views of the water fountains spraying up from the Lakes area, some basic equipment and a grassy area to run around and play.


  • 2 sections, linked together by a bridge. 1 section suited for smaller kids
  • 1 smaller slide, 1 larger slide with a wave in it
  • ladders to climb, looped climber
  • spring rocker
  • fireman pole
  • steering wheel
  • tic tac toe

Jack liked:

Walking over the bridge, climbing up the ladders and going down the slide. After he got sick of that he ventured to the rocker. The playground area is elevated by about 80cm or so, to the grassed area below. There is a natural decline at one end of the park, and steps in the middle. Jack was perfecting his ability to go up and down steps, and asserting his bossiness by telling me where I had to sit. Unfortunately when we were there, a little girl tried to emulate Jack on the steps – she lost her footing and tumbled down the 4 stairs, hitting her head on the concrete below.

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