Saltwater Reserve Playground, Point Cook


This park sits within the Saltwater Reserve – the area is a huge complex of sporting ovals and also has Point Cook’s only off-lead (fenced) dog park. There is heaps of space to run, play and also plenty of parking.  The surface is made of both tanbark and rubber- compound (under the swings and the slides are built on mounds of it). There isn’t a huge amount of shade at this point in time.


  • a plethora of swings (2 x normal, 2 x toddler harnessed, 1 x bear swing with exceptional seat belt harness – I would assume that this is for even younger bubs)
  • a few different slides
  • climbing ropes
  • nest swing
  • see-saw for 2
  • weird see-saw spring-loaded chairs (3 different types)
  • seated playground spinner
  • BBQ’s and drinking fountain

Jack liked:

the unusual teddy bear shaped swing. He made a bee-line straight for it so I’m assuming it’s either the shape or the colour that drew him in.  He was also happy trying to climb up the rubber mounds – although largely unsuccessful at getting to the top. He may have to wait for his little legs to grow more! I was actually amazed he didn’t make a run for the dog park as dogs generally get his attention quite fast. This park looks a little lacklustre, but there was more than enough to keep Jack occupied.

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