Spencer Street Playground, Point Cook


The playground is located just past the Saltwater Reserve sports grounds, on Spencer Street, which is in the Paragon Estate. The park is only small, but has the bare basics to entertain the kids and let them run off some energy.  The area is well fenced and appears to have connecting bike paths to both the local area and around the wetlands.


  • see saw
  • interactive house
  • swings (1 with baby harness, 1 x normal)
  • table
  • Other end of the park has some climbing apparatus and a nest swing. (suited to older kids)

Jack liked:

Watching the planes circling above and he also enjoyed playing in the house.  The house had steps and seats that Jack tried to climb up and doors to walk through. There were also multiple blocks in the garden, that Jack liked to run up to and sit on. One of the older kids that were at the park later on seemed to enjoy walking along the pathway of these blocks.

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