Lincolnheath Boulevard Playground, Point Cook


in Lincolnheath Estate, not far from home, is this small but functional playground. Jack and I visited on a winter Sunday afternoon, and we were virtually the only ones around. It is hard to find a place to park a car, which would suit those that are within walking distance. It has a water fountain, BBQ facilities and undercover seating.


  • slide
  • climbing ladder, vertical disk climber, climbing rope net
  • 2 swings, 1 infant suitable
  • monkey bars
  • snowboard rocker, boat rocker
  • see saw rocker
  • tic tac toe
  • steering wheel
  • burmese bridge low level  rope walk

Jack liked:

being able to rock the boat, without falling off. The snowboard rocker had more movement, and he struggled to stand up on it and rock without being able to hold onto something. He was also happy to climb the ladder up to the top level in the playground. He was however, on a slide strike, so once up there, he’d demand for me to pick him up and bring him back down to ground level. He was also happy sitting on the see-saw opposite mum as well.

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