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12 -18th October 

I love google timeline – for those, like me, who have one heck of a shocking memory (I’m blaming Jack btw), it’s my friendly little google feature that lets me track myself. Yes, I know, if it means that I can track myself, what must Google be doing with all that juicy info??? Being bored following me from one coffee shop to another probably! Looking back, this week was quiet. Jack and I had a pretty yucky bug that seems to be doing the rounds, which resulted in, shock horror, me being stuck at home, for entire days at a time! By Thursday I was back to my normal self, which was just in time for Jack to head to childcare. I headed out to the Plaza to grab some singlets from Target as my local didn’t have what I was after. After having a quick wander, and checking out the new stores since I was there last, I ventured home. On Friday, we took Nanny to Baby Bunting, and stopped for a coffee of course. But no cake – we never get cake when we have coffee. We’re both really, really, really good at not listening to our stomachs… We also went past Lombards to check out all things party related – Jack had a ball! He was enthralled at all the decorations hanging in the store, and he was constantly looking at the ceiling, straining to see all the balloons! It was probably more exciting for him to stare at those than to go to the aquarium!

Saturday we took Jack to the new park at Saltwater Coast, in Point Cook. The grand opening was the following day, and it was great timing to go the day before, as crowds on the Sunday were huge! Jack had such a ball on both days. He was happy having a swing with Dad, and loved the water park features, especially the fountains that turn on and off and change in height. I can see many warmer days being spent here! The only thing that an organised mum would do, would be to bring a towel and a change of clothes. I took none of these things. Lesson learnt. The following day at the opening Jack had a great time dancing to the band that was playing and I really enjoyed the little crocodile shortbreads that they were handing out, even if they were meant for the kiddies.

Saturday night James, Evan and I ate at Big Boy BBQ in the city, we wandered the streets after dinner, until I eventually caved. The little boy had decided the night before that it was party at our place between the hours of 3:50 and 530, so I was one very tired mummy. Thankfully James kept me company as well during those times or else I would have gone completely batty. We are thinking that the teeth are playing havoc at the minute, he’ll wake up very sad, not want the dummy anywhere near his mouth, and not want to lay down or do anything sleep related. He is however, happy to play peekaboo under the doona, attempt to crawl over you and laugh at you, and he will tickle poor puppy’s toes.

On Sunday I headed to the Flemington Market – I had my usual coffee and egg and bacon roll for brekky, Jack fell asleep on my back (I’m attempting to back carry him as much as possible before the trip) and he lasted for about an hour, which I count as a big win. I wandered the stalls with Leanne, and had to avoid Megan as we had somehow managed to arrive wearing the exact same jumper. This isn’t the first time that we’ve done that either!

There should be one more ‘week in the life of…’ before our trip. I’ve installed the app which lets me post from my phone, so there may end up being a whole plethora of posts, or there may be none… All depends on data/internet and how much spare time I have. Some days these posts seem to take 15 minutes, and other times it takes days to progress past the first paragraph.

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