Village Park, Jubilee Estate, Wyndham Vale


Village Park is located in the Jubilee Estate, in Wyndham Vale. We had previously visited the playground located at the front of the estate, and if you are feeling adventurous you could walk between the two! There’s a large grassed oval, a funky flying fox, and enough climbing equipment to keep the kids busy for awhile. The BBQ and seating area are nice and clean as well. If you are feeling like a workout, there’s also outdoor gym equipment with extensive instructions dotted around the beautiful grassed areas. 



  • 1 flying fox
  • 1 nest swing 
  • large net climbing structure, leading to a slide
  • 2 large rubber mounded areas, joined with a playground structure. 
    • rope bridge
    • rope crawl through
    • bridge
    • fireman pole
    • ladder
  • 2 slides
  • basketball court
  • 1 large grassed oval complete with AFL goals
  • BBQ area
  • drinking water fountain

Jack liked:

Jack surprised me when we visited this park! He straight away headed for the ropes to climb up to the slide. He got more adventurous and even attempted some balancing while holding onto the rings! He was happy exploring the playground features, and after I went on the flying fox first, he happily had several goes, holding on all by himself. 

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