Harefield Crescent Playground, Kealba


This playground is around 25 minutes from home, in Kealba. It’s nestled in a quiet street and from memory, I think I remember that this playground was freshly updated in August 2016. The orange colouring is quite striking and makes even the big adults want to run and climb on the huge net structure. There’s a lot of different textures in this playground – Jack loved running over the bridge, jumping along the rubber mounds, and looking at the dry riverbed from the bridge. There is also some grassed areas, and walking paths around the park. 



  • half basketball court
  • flying fox
  • 1 large geometric climbing structure
  • 3 swings – 1 infant harness, 1 harnessed swing
  • hopscotch
  • BBQ, covered picnic tables, drinking water
  • 2 play structures
    • 3 slides
    • several types of climbing ladder
    • steps
    • shopfront
    • steering wheel
    • moving bridge
    • monkey bars
    • tic tac toe
  • bridge 
  • frog spring rocker
  • nest swing

Jack liked:

The giant lizard etched into the rubber mounding of the flying fox. He happily walked along the body, jumped up and down the hill and liked investigating the playgrounds pathways. He could easily access each part of the playground equipment, had a go on the swing and we played shops for ages! He was cautious on the bridge, but was happy going down either of the slides. We didn’t go on the nest swing or the large climbing net structure. The playground was empty on the weekend that we ventured here, but it is such a good looking playground! Jack really enjoyed it here! 

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