Featherbrook Drive Playground, Point Cook


Down the back of Point Cook, in the Saratoga Estate, is this great field, with a small playground, set amidst houses that are still under construction. Opposite the park are newly created waterways, complete with wide footpaths, suitable for the little ones to ride along.


  • BBQ facilities, set undercover
  • water
  • swings
  • half basketball court
  • open grassland,  suited for kicking the footy (with super lush grass!)
  • tan-bark play area
  • musical pipes to bang on
  • speak and listen tube
  • climbing rope equipment (suited for older kids)
  • mini cubby

Jack liked:
running in the grass, while we played a quick game of kick to kick. Jack enjoyed climbing the rock-like mounds and just generally running around. The park is basic, but has a bit for kids of all ages.

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