Baltimore Drive Playground, Point Cook


on Baltimore Drive, in a section of Point Cook that I rarely visit, lies this fairly basic playground. It has enough space for the kids to run, bike paths through the park and basic equipment for climbing and playing.


  • 2 swings
  • slide
  • climbing apparatus suited for older kids
  • balance beam
  • spinning totem pole
  • sandpit and digger
  • spring rocker
  • see saw

Jack liked:
attempting to climb onto the equipment. Unfortunately it had been raining recently, and the equipment still had puddles where the water was sitting. The slide was not easily accessible for little legs, so he had no interest in climbing it. He was happy to sit in the spring rocker, he also tried pushing the empty swing, and had a go at digging in the sand. This is a good little neighbourhood park, but one suited for the older kids.


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