Waldorf Avenue Playground, Point Cook


This playground, located on Waldorf Avenue and Crotona Way, is a small neighbourhood playground. The playground borders the wetlands, and there is temporary fences along one side, where housing construction looks due to start. This one was ok for Jack to burn off some energy, but I didn’t bother getting Lexi out of the pram as there was nothing for her to do (she’s currently 12 months  old and isn’t walking).



  • 2 tree-house designed pods, linked together by a moving timber/rope bridge
    • 1 slide 
    • 1 rope ladder
    • 1 fixed timber ladder
  • timber stepping pathway around the area
  • sheltered cover, with seats and tables
  • water tap

Jack liked:

The slide, and jumping along the timber stepping path, however, he lost interest quite fast, once he had done a few laps. 

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