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What can I possibly say about the first weeks of life with a new baby? Life as you know it, has completely changed. Sleep is no longer a certainty, neither is having a shower or being able to just pop down to the shops to get lunch or dinner. Bringing Jack home, both of us had no clue what we were doing. Bringing Alexis home, I felt less confused as I knew that I had done this before. However, I don’t know why I thought it would be any easier. There is a fine balance of returning to ‘normal’ life for Jack, with the uncertain routine with Lexi. Thankfully James was around to help with the transition. Dad did a great job, shopping and cooking dinners (7 weeks on and it seems like a distant memory!). 

Week 1 Jan 6 to 12th – we travelled to Point Lonsdale to visit James’s grandmother. I discovered that I still loved ham (gosh I missed it during pregnancy) and there were lots of cuddles this week with family.

Week 2 Jan 13th to 19th – Nanny’s birthday. We survived dinner out (thank goodness for babywearing) and a trip to Hopheads Altona. Jack loves playing the board games at the Altona one, and he loves being the centre of attention with friends at the Point Cook location. He was convinced that he was celebrating his 4th birthday at Hopheads. He is also besotted with everything to do with his baby sister. He is fascinated watching her bathe, and will always want cuddles with her (while she’s quiet). 

Week 3 Jan 20th to 26th – We had a visit to Emergency this week. Alexis developed a rash that covered her little body. Doctors weren’t too concerned, but with the recent rashes in the house (Jack’s chickenpox) we thought it best to check that all was ok. James managed to convince me to leave the house, and we drove into Docklands. We enjoyed lunch and a quick trip to Costco. Love any excuse to visit Costco. I saw someone post in one of the fb groups that they sell Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. Fingers crossed that by the time I make it in again, they have some! 

Week 4 Jan 27th to Feb 2nd – Little Alexis is getting more and more awake and alert. The boys had a fun day out together, visiting St Kilda’s adventure playground, and Luna Park. Jack was so proud that he went on the Scenic Railway. He declared that when he grows up he wants to work at Luna Park. Even though he looks less than impressed in the photo, he went back on the ride again! Which, if you know Jack, he is extremely hard to convince to do anything, if he doesn’t want to. So he must’ve really liked it? 

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