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November 23 – November 29

The second week back at work was all about struggling to find a new routine. Waking Jack in the morning at 6am is the worst – I swear he’s getting me back by waking up at random times at nights now. Benny is more than happy to curl up under the study desk while mum works. It’s a case of rush, rush, rush while hoping to fit in something fun to do with Jack. This week, wasn’t that much fun if I’m honest. Jack was a big brave boy when had his 12 month immunisations. He was also more than happy to play in the waiting room with the toys, while we waited to make sure there wasn’t going to be a reaction. Like his Uncle Jeff, he reached straight for the barbies!

We went out for dinner with Nanny and Poppy to the Millers on the Sunday night. Jack’s going through funny stages when it comes to eating – some days he’s picky and other days he’ll eat 2 or more servings of whatever is on offer. This particular night, the kids meal happened to come with a free paddle pop. James would lick up the drips and then offer it back to Jack to mouth. Except that Jack wanted to copy James, so he was opening his little mouth as wide as it would go, and tried to stuff the whole thing in at once. Very funny to watch.

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