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29th June – 5th July

Poor Jack has been hit by a cold this week – all snotty noses, unpredictable sleeping and the smell of euky bear. While I generally love the smell of euky bear/Vicks, it really opens up your nose and while this mumma is still adjusting to the joys of food number 2’s, it’s not exactly the best combination when Jack’s on the change table… We missed out on catching up with Jack’s friends this week – the last thing other mum’s want are bubbas sharing snotty noses around! We still caught up with Uncle Jeffy for brekky and coffee – Jack loved being able to whack the table with his hands. He took great delight in the crash, bang and tinkle of the cutlery sitting atop the plates. He quickly cottoned on when Jeff would soften the blows by putting his hands under Jack’s, and Jack would stretch to reach around Jeff’s arms.

With James heading to Adelaide this weekend, I had a spare Friday night and I thought I’d attempt a chicken pie. Mum used to make the best chicken pie – Jeff and Dave used to love it anyway. It used to contain mushrooms or something that I didn’t like, so I’d use the excuse that I wouldn’t eat slugs, and mum would make another meal just for me. The things she used to do – I shake my head at my own antics… Anyway, Jeff came over and braved my chicken pie and I’ll definitely make it again soon. It must have been the week to attempt new things. I made cookies and cream brownies (which I unfortunately burnt – forgetful mum, oven temp settings etc etc), banana bread with my over ripe brown bananas, and then this pie. In some ways  I prefer when James is out/away/visiting his other family (just checking if he actually reads this) so that I can brave new recipes/ ideas. My brother eats like a horse, so I generally feel safe dishing something up to him.


This week also brought about Ben’s 2nd birthday. In some ways I feel sorry that I don’t have the time to devote to Benny, just like in the ‘old days.’ While I always try to ensure that we have cuddle time on the couch or in bed without Jack around,  it can be hard to find that balance. With the Melbourne wintry days really set in, the motivation to go walking is lacking. But, I know that Jack would be warm and snuggly in his pram and I can put on as many layers as I need to brave the elements, so I’m aiming to start again. Real soon… maybe… as long as it’s not raining…

On Sunday, Leanne and I ventured out to the Swagger Child Design Market in North Melbourne. We love a good market, always happy to wander the aisles and browse the offerings. I had sworn off buying any more clothes for Jack, and managed to walk out with a pair of slouchy pants from Mr Willo (https://instagram.com/mr.willo/) and a custom t-shirt from Little Scooch(http://www.littlescooch.com.au/).  Benny had gotten the birthday treatment – he was allowed to unwrap his presents on Sunday morning, and then went for a ride in the car to Nanny’s and Poppy’s. Poor Poppy got to go for a walk, twice, and Benny slept very well that night.


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