Week in the life of…


25th – 31st January

What are friends for? They take you shopping, bring you comfort food, keep your mind occupied, make you laugh, and help you remember that life does go on. It doesn’t matter how many times they walk beside  you, covering the same amount of footsteps that you do, they keep you sane. Thank you to a special friend who accompanied me everywhere looking for a sign that was of course, no where to be found. And yes, I know you’ll kill me for including you in the photos above. This week was a hard one- Dave passed away on the 24th, and my friends rallied around me. I enjoyed my little mans hugs all the more this week.

Thanks to Ben for reminding me that I am yet to be able to fully trust him – he just happened to help himself to Jack’s clothes that silly mum, had left on the deck all day with him. There were, surprisingly, no holes in the clothes though, so he was obviously keeping them safe.


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