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20 – 26th April
Jack has passed his 5th month milestone! I need time to slow down, I can almost here the clock ticking it’s way to November and the inevitable return to work.  Jack and I went grocery shopping with Uncle Jeffy, I’m not sure if the photo above does it justice, but Jeff in the Minnie Mouse mask  was both terrifying and hilarious at the same time. I think it was the pink bow on Minnie and Jeff’s biceps and tattoos.

Jack and I traveled to Creswick on Friday, for the centenary celebrations of ANZAC day. Friday was a beautiful day to head about one and a half hours away from home. I even got hubby’s new car, to make the drive up. The first hour of the drive was fine, I heard Jack complain a little after that, but he must have found his dummy, and he settled back to sleep. I stupidly followed the car’s GPS, even though I’ve been up there numerous times, so I missed my chance to drive through the forest with the sun shining between the trees.

I met Nanna Leanne up in Creswick, and showing off her ‘girl guide’ skills, she quickly set about creating the fire. James and I, before we started working on the ice hockey and before we had our own house, would head to Creswick over winter weekends, to relax in the warmth of the fire. It would feel like a mini holiday and I loved the smell of the fires, and the autumn tones of the leaves as you drive through the main street.

The 3 of us attended the candlelight vigil at the field of crosses on Friday night. Jack was all rugged up in his fleecy mickey mouse suit, and was as ‘snug as a bug’ in his carrier that I wore. It was all going well until the rain fell, and it really set in! Poppy and Uncle Sam arrived later that night to attend the march the following day. I headed back home on Saturday after lunch. Unfortunately we didn’t have the lovely weather that we had on the way! It was pouring the whole way. So thankful for the car, a great ride in all that rain. Once again Jack did well for the first hour in the car. Just as I’d gotten on the bypass he lost it and started screaming. Thankfully Maccas was right around the corner, and while I got a coffee fix, I was able to give hugs to my little guy.

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