Week in the life of…


13 – 19th April

Jack has started watching Ben and squealing at him this week. He will lay on his play-mat, and Ben will flop down close by, and I sit there watching as Jack stretches his fingers out, reaching for Ben’s fur. If Jack can’t get close enough, he’ll roll onto his side in an attempt to move towards him. I wonder if he likes the fur in his hands, or if he thinks that Ben is like one of the pages in the books that I read to him.The range of ‘That’s not my puppy’ or Polar Bear or Bunny all have different textures that bubs are meant to reach for, and eventually associate what rough, or shiny, or soft feel like.

I’ve also attempted feeding Jack cereal this week. Attempted, meaning, that it was fun to get him used to the spoon, and sitting in the high chair, let alone the foreign taste of baby cereals! I think I read that much around when to start, what to start with, baby led weaning and all the rest, that I started going in circles. I’m looking forward to slowly introducing foods and watching his expressions – hopefully he’ll love his food just like mum does!

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