W. E. Hubble Reserve, Altona Meadows


As you drive along Victoria Street, and head towards the bottom part of Altona Meadows,  this park is found when turning onto Sommers Drive.  For a local reserve, this playground has a diverse range of equipment, which is great for catering for a range of kids ages. There’s plenty of grassland to bring a ball and have a kick around as well. The trees are established and do offer some shade, and there’s even park benches to sit and watch the kids at play.


  • a supernova
  • a surfboard balance board
  • spring crocodile
  • 2 swings, 1 with toddler chain (on rubber based ground)
  • 1 spring see saw, suitable for 4
  • 2 spring rockers – koala & horse
  • 1 spinning pole
  • steel based structures
    • competent climbing structure
      • fireman pole
      • rope wall
      • different ladders to climb
      • monkey bars
      • slide
    • more accessible area
      • stairs
      • slide
      • narrow fixed bridge
      • steering wheel
      • telescope
      • doors underneath

Jack liked:

the accessible parts of the playground. He went up and down the slide countless times. He even started going down this slide forward – he’s always been a tummy down, and backward facing slide rider, so this was a huge step! He had a play on the spring rockers, and he’s always up for a swing. Actually the funny part was, that he was more interested in the construction cones that were meant to be blocking certain parts of the playground? He kept moving them, picking them up, trying to talk into them. The hardest part for me was trying to get him away from those!

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