Village Kids, Werribee Zoo playground


At the Werribee Zoo (K Road, Werribee)! Has a grassed area nearby and picnic tables to sit and watch the kids at play. Plenty of shady trees as well. The zoo has heaps of different play areas (water play at the hippo beach during summer, for example). So this will definitely be a work in progress post.


  • swings
  • climbing apparatus
  • tower
  • balls to slide along the poles
  • slide

Jack liked:

sliding the balls along the poles.  He liked hearing them clunk against each other as they reached the bottom. Jack climbed the stairs to the top tower. To be honest, we didn’t stay too long, as the day we were there, the bees were swarming in the trees at the back of the playground. I didn’t really feel up to finding out how Jack would go if he got stung, so decided that I’ll have to come back soon.


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